Balqon MX30 To Be Featured At EVS26

Another new product introduction to happen at EVS26 just transpired. The EVS26 Expo is known as the largest electric vehicle show in the world.

Balqon Corporation announced yesterday the release of a new on-road Class 8 electric tractor, Model MX30, for short haul drayage and inner city applications. Balqon will be showcasing its MX30 tractor during EVS26.

Balqon Corporation is a developer of electric drive system technologies for trucks, tractors and buses, is headquartered in Harbor City, California.

The MX30 to be displayed at the EVS26 Expo is equipped with Balqon’s proprietary drive system that is connected to a six speed automatic transmission assembled on a Freightliner truck chassis. Equipped with standard 600-volt lithium-ion batteries, the MX30 has the energy to travel up to 150 miles under unloaded conditions on a single charge. The MX30 also features fast charging, which allows the vehicle to be charged in less than three hours.

The MX30 can travel at speeds up to 70 mph, tow loads of over 30 tons. MX30 incorporates Balqon drive system with the latest idle-shut off technologies that increase energy conservation during vehicle idling. The new vehicle incorporates Balqon’s proprietary battery management system and charging systems.

No electric motor specifications yet been released.

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