Audi To Produce R8 e-tron Next Year

No word yet on price, but Audi now says it will update its all-electric R8 e-tron and fit it with Tesla-like performance.

Formerly shelved while still a prototype due to a short-ish 134 mile range, the R8 e-tron is said now to have better li-ion batteries pushing range to 248.5 miles.

The car will reportedly receive increased energy density over the original 48.6-kwh battery pack enabling the quick runner to keep the fun going longer.

Previous 0-62 mph time from the 376-horsepower, 605 pounds-feet torque version was 4.2 seconds, top speed was 124 mph, and it turned a decent 8:09 lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

We’d not be surprised for the improved production car to be on par in this department as well, and projections are it will launch during the second half of next year.

According to Autocar, the decision to pull the high-profile EV out of mothballs came from Audi’s new chief of research and engineering, Ulrich Hackenberg, but production at this point is expected to be limited.

Rather than going for volume like Tesla is attempting, Audi says the R8 e-tron wil be a halo for smaller and more cost-effective Audi e-cars.

Hackenburg will oversee the e-tron’s completion to production status, and former accomplishments for Audi’s parent company include the VW e-Up, e-Golf, other hybrids, including the XL1 and Golf Plug-In Hybrid.

From its inception, the R8 e-tron was designed around the carbon fiber and aluminum body of the gen-two R8. Early prototypes weighed 3,924 pounds (1,780 kg). A Model S P85+ weighs over 4,800 pounds.

The Model S is designed with skateboard chassis as an EV. The R8 e-tron is based on a converted petrol burner.

The Audi will likely be priced much higher making head-to-head comparisons even more unbalanced, but the upside is one more conspicuous EV will soon be in production, however exclusive it may be.


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