Audi A7 h-tron ‘Billboard’ Vanishes Leaving Only Water Vapor Just Like Its Subject

Some have called Audi’s ad for its plug-in hybrid A7 Sportback h-tron hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle clever, others might think – as critics of hydrogen say of hydrogen technology itself – it evokes smoke and mirrors.

Actually, the German ad campaign uses a fog machine and purple projectors that created a vanishing effect leaving behind nothing but water vapor to evoke a car that does the same.

The A7 Sportback is not actually for sale, but based on an A7, it boasts a complex powertrain merging what others see as competing technologies.

No gasoline is involved in the car capable of around 111 mph and 0-60 in the 7-second range, and with potential price tag unknown.

The car was revealed last November in Los Angeles and uses four hydrogen tanks with estimated range of 310 miles.

The company says it could produce the A7 h-tron assuming a market and infrastructure to enable it.


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