Aptera Back in Business

After it ran out of money last year, California based EV startup Aptera Motors closed its doors, with videos being leaked of company assets being systematically destroyed.

However, it now appears that the company may have a future after all; thanks to a newly formed consortium, backed by a Chinese investor.

The company, which comprises Chinese motorcycle and auto firm Jonway Group, along with a number of American minority investors has purchased most of the former assets and will trade under the name Aptera USA.

In addition, it plans to have production of the 2e, which will take place in Santa Rosa Calif. up and running by next year.

The 2e, which sports a composite two-seater body, is technically a self-propelled tricycle, that uses a Remy sourced electric motor and battery system from A123. It’s said to have a range of more than 100 miles on a single charge, with a fuel economy rating of more than 200 miles per gallon. The bodies will actually be manufactured in China, with final assembly taking place in Santa Rosa.

Rick Deringer, the Santa Rosa, Real Estate developer that helped foster the “new” Aptera company, says he plans to open a retail store to sell 2es and have the order books opened within a month (besides the tooling and assets, the new Aptera US also acquired an order list of some 58,000 customers before the original firm went out of business).

Former Aptera Motors marketing manager Marquez McCammon has signed on with the new company and said recently the company is looking to enter other international markets, possibly Europe and even China.

Meanwhile, Deringer says Aptera USA could manufacture as many as 25,000 2es per year and will not be seeking government assistance for funding.

Fox News

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  • James Davis

    It is not a bad car, but with that short millage between charge, it should be priced way under $20,000.

  • AP

    If you took this same light, aerodynamic vehicle, and put an IC engine in it, it would get about 100 mpg and have a range of 800 miles or so. And be a lot cheaper. But people would rightly criticize it for its safety, comfort, etc.

    We should use the same criteria to judge electric vehicles and those with ICE’s.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    The third wheel centered like that makes it impossible to drive with snow on the road because there won’t be anyone else’s snow tracks to drive in. This car was in the last Star Trek movie for a few seconds…


  • Max Reid


    Aptera has 200 MPG equivalent. Ofcourse a small 3 wheeler should have that much. Should be ideal for daily commute and better than 2 wheeler, since the driver has protection from rain & snow.

    Vehicle uses advanced plastic materials for frame.

  • chicago limo services

    Really hybrid…

  • Doug

    Will it be sold nationwide or just in California as initially marketed?

  • Jerry Peavy

    The range per charge is close to 200 miles at 60mph as was shown at the X-Prize contest.

  • Jerry Peavy

    Hate to bring this up again (seems this same error is everywhere), but the Aptera is NOT DESIGNED FOR SNOW! It is designed for commuting in city’s where it does not snow!

  • Danielkolluci

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  • Daniel Dominique Watts

    Only for states without snow???? why is that?

    I would hope that if this is true that a version with wider tires can be made for snow. Maybe the traction to tires is the issue….can you tell us please what is the problem with it?

    Please email me. TY

    I have followed this car from the first time I read about its concept car in end of 2006. I’m a HUGE fan. I have hoped at some point in time that I will be able to afford one. Can you explain more about the ICE electric motor please? I’m interested your saying its range can go 800 miles, more than the 200 miles capacity of the E1.

    thanks, D. Watts

  • D. Watts

    can you let me know more about the ICE? 800 mile range? Can that be done to retrofit an older car as well? like a 1976 MG midget? I’d love it if I could convert the gas engine to electric. My MG gets 50 mpg. please send to my email…dwatts62@yahoo.