Apple’s Steve Wozniak Choosing Practical Over Stylish with Chevy Bolt Over Tesla

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is choosing the Chevy Bolt over the Tesla Model 3 and gave the upcoming all-electric car a thumbs up on his Facebook page.

While not for sale until later this year, a General Motors spokesman said that it arranged for Wozniak to test the vehicle earlier this week, according to Fortune.  On Wednesday, Woz (as he’s known) posted a captioned photo on his Facebook account with him standing next to a Chevy Bolt.

“I expect to be switching cars soon!”

That switchover will be from a Tesla Model S.

When Gary Petrison, a Facebook friend, asked him why he’s choosing the Chevy Bolt, Woz posted this reply:

“Gary, after seeing the insides and the UI (User Interface), Tesla will have a difficult time selling me a Model 3. A lot of things wrong with the Tesla Model S are done correctly (my opinion) in this car. But it’s still missing a place to put your sunglasses, ha ha.”

It’s all about the functionality for Woz. In a later Facebook post, he wrote:

“I tell everyone that the most valuable, useful car of my life was the Prius that I drove for 10 years. I don’t need top-of-the-line luxury. We have a Tesla but there is no other EV choice that’s good for road trips. The Bolt will need some personal testing by (his wife) Janet and myself to find out how it is on road trips. Otherwise, it’s what we want. Extra features aren’t the big picture, or we’d have skipped the Tesla for a Mercedes.”

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Leaving his Model S for a Bolt might stand out for a few Tesla followers, according to Jalopnik. Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly thanked Woz for purchasing a Tesla Model S in 2013.

After that, Woz had about written about his experiences driving this Model S. He gave a lot of praise to the company from his Silicon Valley experience, Jalopnik said.

Woz also brings his “gearhead” perspective to testing out the Chevy Bolt. He also owns the polar opposite, the Hummer H1, and had strong feelings about his Datsun 280ZX, according to Jalopnik.


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