Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Reviewed By Consumer Reports

Are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto really going to revolutionize infotainment systems in today’s cars?

Consumer Reports recently released a video putting both systems to the test, using a Volkswagen Jetta with an aftermarket Pioneer head unit that supports both technologies. Many automakers will soon be offering both systems with their factory infotainment units and it will be interesting to see how the general consumer adopts these new in-car phone integration systems. One of the major benefits of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is the ability to simply sync a smartphone to the system, presenting a familiar user interface and an easy way to take advantage of the smartphone’s apps. Navigation systems, for example, can become outdated from the factory, but both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will support up-to-date maps with even traffic updates.

Another major benefit is the fact that optional navigation systems for vehicles are still expensive options, and most consumers already carry a smartphone in their pocket. In fact, many already use their phones as navigation tools, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will help make using that technology safer.

The publication used the system for about six weeks and enjoyed the benefits of being tied into their existing smartphone ecosystems, calling current in-car infotainment systems outdated. Consumer Reports also praised the familiarity of the UI but acknowledged that it wasn’t a seamless system. Check out what else Consumer Reports had to say about both systems by watching the video below.

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