Ampera Becomes Cop Car In Northern Ireland

The Chevy Volt’s UK cousin, the Vauxhall Ampera, is entering police service duty in Northern Ireland.

Vauxhall has handed over an Ampera to Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) as part of a trial of the revolutionary extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV).

The cutting edge vehicle was handed over at eDRIVE, an electric vehicle event sponsored by the Northern Ireland Government, Department of Regional Development, held at the Titanic Museum, in Belfast.

The Ampera is due to go on service with PSNI in Belfast city centre as an incident response vehicle.

“We’re looking forward to putting the revolutionary Ampera through its paces responding to incidents while also reducing our emissions and providing significant savings on fuel costs,” said Marcus Belshaw, Head of Transport for PSNI.

The lack of concern about range anxiety was key for the car being chosen for this task, even though charging point infrastructure is well developed in Northern Ireland: currently EV owners are no further than ten miles from a charger.

“Vauxhall is delighted that the Ampera is being trialled by PSNI, and we are confident that they will be impressed by the Ampera’s durability, performance and economy,” said Dick Ellam, Manager, Vauxhall Special Vehicles.

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