Amp Electric’s Cayman EV Plan Hits Bureaucratic Snafu

It seemed a sound idea; introduce an electric version of the Mercedes ML-Class to the Cayman Islands. However, Amp Electric’s plan has hit a bit of a roadblock.

According to Amp’s Marty Rucidlo, a bill, which would allow the Mercedes EVs to be registered for use in the Islands was signed into law by the governor last November.

However, one local car dealer, John Felder discovered that it wouldn’t be possible to register the vehicles for use, since regulations for the law are still in the process for being drafted, thus no actual effective date has yet been set. And until the law is passed, electric vehicles cannot be driven on Cayman roads.

The Grand Cayman Department of Vehicle and Drivers Licensing, in response to the situation, has so far failed to give Felder an actual reason in writing, though, mentioning that he already has five orders for the ML EVs, Felder is seeking a judicial review.

In writing to Deputy Director of Vehicle Licensing Richard Simms, Felder said, “ the AMP MLe is one of the safest vehicles in the world. Based on the wording of the current roads law, I cannot see any reasons why this vehicle, which has a top speed of 95 mph, a horn, new tyres, turn signal indicators, five air bags and back up lights all in working order cannot be registered and licensed.”

At present, the government has yet to indicate exactly when the law might come into effect.

Caymanian Compass via Autoblog Green

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