Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow Comes to Florida

Floridians tired of feeling pain at the pump from high gas prices have the opportunity for an eye opening experience this week with the Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow & Educational Tour.

The showcase, which starts today in Delray Beach, aims to give people an up-close look at the latest technology in environmentally-friendly cars, SUVs, vans, buses and trucks.

The event, which is free and open to the public, runs from Sept. 18 to 27, and includes stops across the state.

People will be able to look at and touch vehicles and charging equipment. The domestic, clean fuels that make the vehicles go include electricity, compressed natural gas, propane and biofuels.

Each stop includes presentations from experts who will share developments about high-tech “green” transportation options.

Efacec, a cosponsor of the event, will showcase its QC50 DC electrical vehicle (EV) fast charger, which is now in use in a number of cities. Depending on the EV, it can recharge a battery to 80 percent in just 26 minutes.

The schedule includes stops in:

• Delray Beach – Sept. 18

• Miami – Sept. 19

• Tallahassee – Sept. 20

• Jacksonville – Sept. 21

• Tampa – Sept. 24

• Venice – Sept. 25

• Orlando – Sept. 26

• Daytona – Sept. 27

Times, exact locations and more information can be found at the organization’s Web site. Members of the Florida Public Service Commission will participate in the Tallahassee and Jacksonville events.

Efacec also sponsored the Alternative-Fueled Vehicles Roadshow in Georgia in June. The showcase tour was created by Adventures, a private company producing non-profit and educational events with a social purpose. Clean Cities is its educational partner

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