All-Electric Transit Buses For The Chicago Transit Authority

New Flyer Industries Inc. announced the board of directors of the Chicago Transit Authority (“CTA”) has approved the purchase of two all-electric battery heavy-duty transit buses.

The total purchase price of the buses is approximately $2.2 million and was funded with the assistance of the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration through the Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program and Clean Fuels Grant program.

The battery-electric propulsion system builds on New Flyer’s light weight Xcelsior model 40-foot transit bus. CTA’s battery-electric bus will feature the latest in electric traction drives and components supplied by Siemens, including a high efficiency permanent magnet traction motor, inverters, voltage protection modules, junction boxes and the application software.

The CTA will begin a pilot program with the buses, which are expected to be delivered in 2013, to understand how the bus will operate, not only on regular routes, but in the particular climate conditions of Chicago.

These buses are zero-emission vehicles that utilize the city’s power grid to charge the batteries. Since pure electric heating in the cold Chicago winters would dramatically reduce the buses’ range, a supplementary bio-diesel heater will be installed in the buses to keep the passengers comfortable, while preserving range. Chris Stoddart, New Flyer’s Vice President, Engineering Services explained, “We will be monitoring these buses very closely in partnership with CTA and using the data to enhance and refine future designs.”

This announcement builds on the recent news of the official unveiling of New Flyer’s battery-electric bus on June 1, 2012, though a partnership with the Manitoba Government, Mitsubishi, Manitoba Hydro and Red River College.

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  • Max Reid

    Excellent, bio-diesel heater is a good idea.
    What is the range of the bus. Even 100 miles should be good as the bus can be charged during lunch for another 100 miles in the evening.

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