Ghosn: All-Electric LE May Help Infiniti Take 10 percent Of Premium Car Market

It’s no secret that the Leaf hasn’t produced sales figures in line with Nissan’s hopes. The company remains bullish, however, on the future of its EVs, including those from its premium brand, Infiniti.

In an interview with Automotive News about Nissan’s growth plans globally and in the U.S., CEO, Carlos Ghosn, points to the forthcoming Infiniti LE as part of Nissan’s commitment to the EV segment, and as a product that may help Infiniti achieve a 10 percent share of the premium car segment.

“Zero emissions, for me, is here to stay even though it’s not selling as well as we thought,” Ghosn said.

Despite his enthusiasm for a “new generation of cars coming” that he hopes will help position Infiniti in the top-tier of brands competing in the premium market, Ghosn said in effect that growth will come from current product:

“Do we need to add more cars? I would say our first priority is making sure that the cars we produce have enough sales before adding more cars …

“Our objective is 10 percent market share of the premium market. We cannot make Infiniti out of a bunch of cars [each] selling a little bit of units. You can’t do that. Every strong brand has to have one or two strong cars selling very well, competing very well in their segment. This is the first and most important thing to do.”

When asked what part the Infiniti LE will have in Infiniti’s goal of gaining his stated share of the premium market, Ghosn’s response implied he counts the LE as part of the stable of cars the company already produces even though Infiniti said initially the LE production car wouldn’t hit showrooms until 2014.

“You’re going to see more and more zero-emissions cars. And this is totally normal, that we have at least one Infiniti car. It’s [the LE] obviously a flagship car, but it’s also a car that will be developed and produced to sell.”

Automotive News

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  • usbseawolf2000

    It’ll be interesting how it’ll stack up with the Model S.

  • 9691

    I like Nissan, but they are getting ridiculous with their insecticidal-organic designs that look like they are from a Disney theme park.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    It looks like a Hyundai. What will be the real world battery range? I assume it will be almost double the cell packs as the Leaf…


  • Harry Tuttle

    Odd comments.

    Right now their two top sellers are a 7 year old car that has never beat the 3 series and a rebadged Pathfinder.

    Mr Ghosn has some work to do.