AGA Launches Other CNG Option For 2013 GM Trucks

Utah-based AGA Systems, formerly known as AutoGas America, announced that it has received full EPA certification for its proprietary compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel systems for specific GM vehicles.

The AGA CNG bi-fuel systems are now available for the complete line of 2013 General Motors trucks, vans and SUVs configured with 6.2-liter, 6.0-liter, 5.3-liter, and 4.8-liter engines.

AGA says its technology and EPA certification give GM’s customers an immediately available option to convert 2013 GM trucks to run safely on both gasoline and compressed natural gas.

AGA also says that as a transportation fuel, CNG provides significant fuel cost savings while meeting all EPA vehicle emissions requirements. The bi-fuel trucks easily transition between compressed natural gas and gasoline offering drivers an extended mileage range.

Interestingly, technicians can monitor every aspect of AGA’s bi-fuel systems with a standard OBD II scan tool, facilitating maintenance.

To obtain an EPA Certificate, the retrofit system manufacturer must submit substantial emissions performance data and related documentation for each test group or engine family to be reviewed.

This testing ensures that the retrofitted vehicle meets the same stringent emissions requirements as original equipment vehicles. The testing also ensures that the retrofit system works seamlessly with the on-board diagnostics system to warn the driver when emissions are outside of approved parameters and to log those anomalies in the computer memory for downloading by the automotive service technician. This is an important criterion, since systems that do not do this will fail state and local emissions tests.

AGA Systems products carry a full three-year/36-month parts and labor warranty.

While this system is typically oriented to fleet needs, the conversion will also benefit regular customers or people working in the trades.

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