Aftermarket Service Provider The Hybrid Shop Launched

Such a venture was set to happen and many will wonder why it is happening only now.

Curry’s Auto Service announced last week that it has partnered with Automotive Research and Design (AR&D) to form a new joint venture exclusively for hybrid vehicles, called The Hybrid Shop (THS).

Curry’s Auto Service describes itself as one of the largest independent auto service and repair shops in the Washington, DC, area.

This new service will specialize in serving the hybrid segment of the automotive aftermarket, and partners said it will bring an environmentally-sound alternative to battery replacement to restore hybrid battery power for greater fuel economy, cost savings, and vehicle performance.

This new service offering brings unprecedented opportunities for revenue growth and innovation through a complete dealer package now available.

First Landing Auto Care, Virginia Beach, VA; Lloyd’s Tire and Auto, Santa Cruz, CA; Fifth Gear Automotive, Lewisville, TX; and Good Works Auto Repair, Tempe, AZ are the first dealers to have gone through The Hybrid Shop’s 4-day on site technician training, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Diagnostics Course. They are now all fully certified to provide the Battery Conditioning Service.

The Hybrid Shop is said to provide shop owners and dealer partners with a variety of new revenue streams and areas for continued business growth in the expanding hybrid market, including:

  • Battery Conditioning and Rebuilding;
  • Motor-Generator (Electronic Machine) testing, diagnosis and replacement;
  • Power Inverter & Control System Testing;
  • dc-dc Converter Testing;
  • Other Hybrid Specific Maintenance; and
  • Normal Vehicle Maintenance.

“Our new partnership with AR&D as well as the exclusive technology and service offerings THS provides to the growing Hybrid market represent a tremendous business opportunity to shop owners and dealer partners,” Curry’s Auto Service Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Curry states. “As the Hybrid vehicle market continues to expand, Area Dealers and Affiliate Dealers have a unique opportunity to serve Hybrid customers in this growing area, to help them maximize their green footprint and improve the performance and economy of their vehicle in a cost-effective manner, while setting their organizations on a path to continued revenue growth and expansion.”

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