Nissan To Show Sporty Electric Infiniti Next Month

Who says EVs have to be merely utilitarian? Not Nissan, which will soon show a sportier Infiniti-branded concept sibling to its battery electric Nissan Leaf at the New York Auto Show.

As seen in the photo, Infiniti is already working on an Emerg-E plug-in hybrid sportster intended not to let down discriminating customers, and it told the Detroit Bureau it will next reveal a “more aggressive” all-electric car based on the Leaf’s platform and using a larger version of its battery.

Un-named for now, the Infiniti will be the second battery electric model by Nissan, which in partnership with Renault, says it intends to be producing 400,000 electric cars per year by the middle of this decade, and has spent billions so far toward this goal.

The Leaf-based Infiniti will incorporate all the updates the 2013 Leaf is supposed to get, and will reportedly take styling cues from its G-series, while also sharing features unique to the emerging electrified side of the company’s offerings.

Included in the hardware updates will be a 6.6-kilowatt on-board charger to remove the bragging rights Ford now enjoys with its also 6.6-kilowatt charger on its Focus EV. Presently the Leaf has a 3.3-kilowatt charger creating an effective bottleneck that significantly increases recharging time compared to the pending Ford. The Leaf also will be updated to 6.6 kilowatts in December.

And while on the topic of brinkmanship as automakers compare and contrast one anothers’ products, Nissan says it is “planning for volume” rather than fabricating a halo car, as Chevrolet has since taken to calling its Volt whose production is presently on hold as GM aligns supply with demand.

When exactly the sporty Infiniti EV might be produced, how much it will cost, and what it really looks like are all good questions, and ones Nissan has not yet provided answers to.

The New York Auto Show is open to the public beginning the first week of April, and answers to the latter question at least – what the concept looks like – will be provided.

Detroit Bureau via AutoGuide

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