65-MPG Honda Civic Diesel Slated For UK

It’s old news that Europe and the UK get the best diesels, but Americans have been showing an increased interest in them, and rumors and reports have been circulating more diesels are on their way. Nonetheless, it’s another case of not this time, says Honda.

For 2013, diesel-embracing Europe will enjoy yet another new, economical diesel, this one being the Honda Civic i-DTEC which Honda suggests our readers over there will surely enjoy.

“An exciting new chapter in the history of Honda diesels has begun with the arrival of the brand’s hotly anticipated 1.6-litre i-DTEC engine,” says Honda of UK. “This is the first engine to be launched in Europe under Honda’s flagship Earth Dreams Technology environmental programme and will offer customers an outstanding balance of high fuel economy, low emissions and exciting performance.”

The car uses a 1.6-liter diesel said to make approximately 118 horsepower and 221 pound-feet torque. Engine power is routed through a six-speed manual transmission.

According to the news release linked above, the all-new powerplant has been developed exclusively for Europe, and will be built in the UK.

Honda says the 1.6-liter i-DTEC is good for 78.5 mpg (under UK testing). For interested diesel fans in the States, that could translate to a little more than an estimated 65 mpg.

The new Civic will retail for 19,400 British pounds, or about $31,000 U.S., with the top-of-the-range EX model retailing for 23,175 pounds ($37,000).

Comparatively, the EPA rates Toyota Prius c hybrid fuel economy at 53 mpg city/46 mpg highway, with a starting MSRP of $18,950.

Honda unveiled the car at the Paris Auto Show in September, but last week announced pricing and a January 2013 date for delivery to dealer showrooms.

A 2.2-liter iteration of the i-DTEC was introduced in the European Accord in 2008 and in the CR-V in 2010.

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  • Van

    If it gets 78.5 in the UK, it will get about 55 MPG in the USA. Not only are their gallons bigger, but their test cycle is more generous.,

  • Shines

    Nice lookin’ car though – reminds me of the WRX

  • Volume Van

    Yes automakers intentionally keep the Diesel to Europe and Flexfuel to Brazil and sell only gasolene powered cars here in USA.

    These days won’t last long as the competition between Hybrids & Plugins will bring all types of vehicles to USA.

  • JamesWood

    For a level playing field comparison- in the UK a Prius costs between £21,845 and £28,195 so using the article’s exchange rate we pay $34733-$44830. The reason we get all the economical diesels is because we pay double for the same car so have to claw back some money….To be fair I also pay £1.419 per litre. Using same exchange rate – $8.54 per US gallon. As we Brits would say- arse!