56 mpg For Europe-Only E-Class Diesel Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz is launching a Europe-only diesel-hybrid version of its E Class sedan.

Named E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, its strength will be a low diesel consumption of 4.2 l diesel/100 km (56 mpg) and 109 g CO2/km.

Its modular hybrid concept with lithium-ion battery does not impose any compromises on space and combines numerous energy saving technologies like start/stop, regeneration, boost effect, all-electric driving and a ‘sailing’ or coasting mode. According to Mercedes-Benz, the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID is the world’s most fuel-efficient model in the luxury segment.

The E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, available in both sedan and wagon versions, is powered by a 204 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine generating 500 Nm (368 lb.-ft.) of torque. The diesel engine is coupled to an electric motor rated at 20 kw and 250 Nm (184 lb.-ft.).

Other upgrades are being done, which apply to the whole E Class lineup, including upgraded telematics, a new exterior sports package incorporating AMG styling elements and various color and trim changes.

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  • Dave wants diesel hybrids in USA

    Bring those diesel hybrids to the USA!

  • Ralph S

    Americans are idiots.

  • Carl M

    Love my Jetta V-Dub TDI,, but can’t wait for a diesel hybrid from any maker. The total electric car is a fad,, we all take long distance trips..

  • David B

    I have a TDi sportwagen, and love it. Diesels perform best at fairly cnstant rpm, and this Diesel Hybird is really the most efficient pletform, and the fact that Mercedes can get 56mpg out of a car of this size and weight is realy impressive! Yes, bring it to the US, although I would never buy it since even in non-hybird trim this car cost more than I am willing to pay.

    Now if only the car compaines would produce a diesel hybird here in the US that would be more affordable, I would be all over it.

  • Blaine gar

    Why isnt this in the USA two reasons Barrack H. Obama and EPA thanks for nothing

  • WillJ19065

    America’s Government EPA and especially California are the ones making this technology prohibited in the U.S. Bureaucrats still think theres no such thing as clean Diesel!!! When you have fanatics in charge of the government instead of engineers and professionals you have a recipe for disaster. Just like the Soviet Union was only producing lawnmower engine cars while the rest of the world was progressing.

  • jones22

    This is so amazing to see that this car is able to get 56 mpg. This is so good to see. I am hoping more cars will get this mpg in the future. Tax free savings account

  • tom 3

    Likely that is British gallons and a $60,000 price tag….

  • Dakota

    Accually EPA is approving certain diesel cars starting with heavy duty trucks Volvo has a new 2012 truck with a incredible emissions system so give it time and EPA will approve cars like this