43,829 EVs Sold By Renault-Nissan In 2012

The Renault-Nissan Alliance sold a record 8,101,310 vehicles in 2012, representing one in 10 new cars sold worldwide. Most of all, the alliance sold 43,829 electric vehicles.

According to Renault-Nissan, 2012 global sales of all zero-emission vehicles across the Alliance were 43,829 units. This is up 83.8 percent from 2011 as Nissan Leaf sales increased worldwide and Renault launched two more EVs.

Moreover, the Alliance said its worldwide zero-emission market share stood at 64 percent, excluding the Twizy, which is Renault’s two-seater urban commuter.

Since sales began in December 2010 to the end of 2012, the Alliance sold a total 67,723 zero-emission vehicles globally.

In 2012, Nissan sold 26,976 units globally of the Nissan Leaf, an increase of 22 percent from 2011.

Cumulative sales of Nissan Leaf reached 49,117 units since its launch in December 2010.

In 2012, Renault sold 16,853 zero-emission vehicles. Since the debut of the Kangoo Z.E. small van in October 2011, Renault has sold a total of 18,606 zero-emission vehicles.

In addition to the Kangoo Z.E. and the Twizy, Renault also sells the Fluence Z.E., an all-electric sedan, based on the conventional Fluence sedan, and the subcompact zero-emission ZOE.

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