3 Tesla Employees Reported Dead in Palo Alto Plane Crash

A private plane carrying three employees of electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc., crashed this morning in a residential East Palo Alto neighborhood, killing all those aboard and damaging several local homes. Shortly after taking off from Palo Alto Airport at 7:55 am PT, the twin-engine plane went down in thick fog, hitting a PG&E tower near the Dumbarton Bridge. Nobody on the ground was injured.

The plane was a Cessna 310, registered to a company owned by Tesla’s senior electrical engineer, Doug Bourn. Though the names of the passengers are being withheld at the moment, early speculation is that all three were Tesla executives. CEO Elon Musk, who was not involved in the crash, released a statement shortly after. “Tesla is a small, tightly-knit company” said Musk. “This is a tragic day for us.”

The crash comes just a month after the company filed papers with the SEC in anticipation of a $100 million initial public offering.

Update:: Sources told Edmunds.com that the dead were Doug Bourn, 56, of Santa Clara; Brian M. Finn, 42, of East Palo Alto; and Andrew Ingram, 31, of Palo Alto. All three men were engineers for Tesla.

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  • Shines

    How sad…
    I hope Tesla can overcome this.

  • Honda hybrid cars

    This is terribly tragic. It is not only the question of three employees as three entire families will suffer for the entire lives of them. Strong Condolence to their families and hope Tesla will check the reason of crash and will do the required.

  • Anonymous

    There should be an investigation on oil companies and a motive to prevent electric cars from entering the market so they can continue making profits.

  • AP

    Anonymous, I hope you’re kidding in suggesting this was a conspiracy. As an automotive competitor to Tesla, I don’t want to lose to them, but it’s not the American way to wish them harm.

    I pray that their families can recover from this. I imagine Tesla will take good care of them, and I wish Tesla the best.

  • CodeX

    I know it’s not the American way, but there is nothing saying it’s not the corporate way. The first thing my gut instinct screamed when I came across the article was that it seemed rather fishy. I pray it was just an accident.

    My prayers and condolences go out to their families and the fine people at Tesla.

  • Scott Z

    Very sad. I have high hopes to own a Telsa car one day. It appears they can bring a great EV to market one day that most americans can afford.

  • Lucy G

    Oh my god, that’s terrible news. I work in a catering company that is located near this area, but i did not know anything. That is very sad.

  • tapra1

    the twin-engine plane went down in thick fog, hitting a PG&E tower near the Dumbarton Bridge. Nobody on the ground was injured. Tech Info