2016 Chevy Volt Gets Higher Than Projected Efficiency Ratings

One of the hopes of 2016 Chevy Volt fans came true this week when General Motors quietly updated its specs to show improved efficiency in gas and electric operation.

Instead of 41 mpg combined on regular gas, the automaker lists 43 mpg, and instead of 102 MPGe electric efficiency, it’s up-rated now to 106 MPGe.

The original estimates were offered along with the January introduction of the near-production-ready 2016 Volt and prior to GM announcing full EPA-rated efficiency.

UPDATE: 3:30 E.S.T. June 11 – After this was written, Chevrolet inexplicably reverted the online spec sheet back to 41 mpg. It definitely did say 43 and was noted by numerous witnesses but it’s been edited. An inquiry to media rep Michelle Malcho came back with the reply: “We have not finalized numbers yet. We expect to announce in July. The MOL number was posted in mistake and not a final number.” However the MPGe figure is still 106 and this is still higher than 102 previously estimated. Whether we may see further revisions to the spec sheet – such as 43 mpg in gas only again announced – is open to speculation, but today the number is 41 and only MPGe has gone up.

As of 3:30 E.S.T. June 11.

As of 3:30 E.S.T. June 11.

Otherwise, the car introduced in January is essentially the same. Nearly every other major spec other than those mentioned were released at that time and appear unchanged from a side by side spec sheet comparison for the 2016 then and now.

EV range is as projected at 50 miles combined, and one minor adjustment was estimated gas plus-electric range was listed June 11 as 420 miles instead of an earlier estimated 430.

The Volt compares favorably in rated efficiency and range.

The Volt compares favorably in rated efficiency and range.

UPDATE: 3:30 E.S.T. – Edited spec sheet now has gas plus-electric range back up to 430.

On the updated spec sheet, horsepower has also been rounded up by one to a full 150 instead of 149 and torque was rounded down one, now 293 pounds-feet, instead of 294.

Thus far no press release has accompanied the change and it was noticed by watchful enthusiasts on the GM-Volt.com forum.

Notable also is intrepid sleuths on GM-Volt conjecture the 43 mpg may indeed be restored to the spec sheet when GM is good and ready to make its announcement, and it may already have tipped its hand.

Readers on the GM-Volt forum have noted the electric-plus extended Volt’s range of 430 total miles range means 430 miles minus 50 EV miles equals 380 gas miles. And, 380 divided by the 8.9-gallon gas tank is 42.7 or 43 mpg. But again, GM is not saying this. Or has it already? Yes it has in its partial edit of today’s “mistake.”

Orders for the second-generation extended-range EV began in California last month for August first deliveries, and ordering will be open to the rest of the country in October for first deliveries in November.

2016 Chevy Volt spec sheet.

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