2015 Chevy Volt Sales Dwindle in June As 2016 Volt Waits in the Wings

The big news from General Motors today is sales are up, trucks and SUVs are leading the way – and the Volt is hanging on until the 2016 replacement begins deliveries in a couple months from now.

Specifically, 2015 Volt sales were 1,225 units, down 31.1 percent from 1,777 sold in June 2014, and below May 2015’s 1,618 sold. For the year, the Volt has sold 5,622 units.

Meanwhile General Motors reported its highest June retail market share since 2011 as it feels its oats against competitors.

In all, U.S. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers delivered 259,353 vehicles and with total Chevrolet pickup deliveries climbing 33 percent, Chevy sales are beating Ford truck sales, says the automaker.

While this may not be what electrification enthusiasts care to hear, growth in other segments is allowing the automaker to do things like assign 1,000 engineers to 55 Chevy Bolt EV test mules to accelerate its development, so reality is a mixed blessing for electrification fans.

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GM credits strong sales to economic perceptions along with a strong portfolio to attract the attention of buyers.

“We just wrapped up the U.S. auto industry’s best six months in a decade, driven by strong demand for pickups and crossovers,” said Kurt McNeil, GM’s U.S. vice president of Sales Operations. “People feel good about their jobs and the direction the economy as a whole is taking, so the second half of the year should be strong too, and that’s especially good news for Chevrolet and GMC, brands that have very broad truck and crossover portfolios.”


As for the Volt, it is holding down the fort being the highest EPA-rated mpg car other than pure electric vehicles, and having been a Consumer Reports top owner satisfaction survey winner twice.

The new Volt is projected to get 50 miles all-electric range, and in a “mistake” Chevrolet published 43 mpg in gas mode then retracted it to 41. In fact, full EPA numbers have not been announced, and Volt supporters are hopeful that mistake will prove to be accurate and the Volt will see a mild boost in efficiency ratings over projections.

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Meanwhile, if you’re a car collector, the first generation Volt is in its last months of production, and they’re cutting deals on them too, so that’s just something to consider.

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