2014 ‘Greenest’ and ‘Meanest’ Vehicles Announced

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive was named as 2014’s “Greenest” car in a contest that saw a range also of “Greener Choices” and “Meanest” vehicles from an environmental perspective.

Smart’s EV was ranked by greenercars.org with a “green score” of 59 out of 100. Rounding out the top-five “Greenest” picks were the Toyota Prius C, Nissan Leaf, regular Prius, and Honda Civic Hybrid – that latter two of which were tied with a “green score” of 55.

“We’ve had such an influx of hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years that the race to earn a spot on the ‘Greenest’ list is more competitive than ever, particularly for conventional vehicles. It’s encouraging to see automakers investing heavily in eco-savvy vehicles on the whole,” said ACEEE lead vehicle analyst Shruti Vaidyanathan.

But the organization did not stop with naming the “greenest,” and also looked at “Greener Choices” which “identifies top widely-available models in each vehicle class.”

Number one here was the Prius c – second place also in the “Greenest” list with a green score of 57.

The “Greener Choices” list also included the Buick Encore with a score of 46 and Honda Odyssey with score of 36 and even the Ram 1500 HFE with a green score of 35.

And then you have the “Meanest” which are the “dirtiest” cars and trucks and this list is “comprised of heavier light-duty vehicles and European sports cars that are the least friendly to the environment.”

“The dirtiest vehicle for 2014 is the Class 2B Ram 2500 with a Green Score of 18, followed by the Bugatti Veyron and the Ford E-150 FFV Wagon with scores of 19 and 21 respectively,” said greenercars.org. “Special use vans above 8,500 pounds are given a Green Score but are not included on the ‘Meanest’ list.

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