2014 Ford Fiesta To Break The 40 MPG Barrier

Ford will be introducing a revised Fiesta this coming Thursday at the Los Angeles Auto Show and Ford says it comes with a projected best 40 mpg-plus fuel economy rating.

Moreover, Ford believes it will be the most fun-to-drive car of its size.

The 40 mpg-plus fuel economy comes benefits of Ford’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Ford believes this will make the new Fiesta the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid subcompact in America.

“Customers want cars that are expressive and fun while offering class-leading fuel economy,” says Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. “Fiesta delivers all the excitement drivers are looking for in a car we believe will raise the bar even higher for small cars in North America. Our goal with this Fiesta was to take a car that was already a leader in fuel efficiency, performance, connectivity and personality, and make it even better.”

Pricing is not yet set, but Ford promises it will be a “very affordable option. Adding an EcoBoost engine costs about $995 in most Ford vehicles.”

At the same time, Ford will announce a new high-output variant of the1.6-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine will be found under the hood of the Fiesta ST with an anticipated 197 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque. Available exclusively as a five-door hatchback in North America and with a six-speed manual transmission, the sporty Fiesta ST is projected to achieve up to 34 mpg.


In Europe, where the diesel engine is king, the 1.0-liter engine when placed in the Focus now accounts for about 30 percent of its sales. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is just now launching in Europe in the B-MAX and C-MAX, and will also be offered in the all-new Mondeo.

While a lot is happening under the hood, updates are also happening inside and outside. Most noticeable will be the new front fascia of the Fiesta, now sporting the new corporate “Aston Martin”-inspired look first found on the 2013 Fusion.

More details, and hopefully pricing, will be available end of week.

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  • Van

    Wow, Ford is really putting out winners, at least according its claims.

    Will the Fiesta get 40 combined or just have a highway mileage north of 40? Will real world performance match the EPA numbers.

    I saw one article that said the Fusion Energi price would be just under $40,000 which disappoints folks like me that thought it would be priced like the C-Max Energi.

    I like the new Ford Aston Martin look, and hope the 2014 C-Max gets the treatment.

  • Nelson Lu

    As far as the Fusion Energi’s pricing is concerned, my reaction is, “It all depends.” (Although I will admit that there was an initial shock over the price.)

    I am still possibly replacing my current 2010 FFH with the 2013 Energi, but a substantial question will be what that $39.5K price includes. If it includes the electronic options that I would be getting anyway on a “regular” hybrid or a optioned-out gas-powered SE — specifically, as a long-distance commuter (whose commute range otherwise would probably put me beyond the optimal range for a Fusion Energi), I want to get BLIS, adaptive cruising, and lane departure warning — which would drive a Fusion Hybrid SE’s price to about $34.5K anyway. At a $5K difference, I’d probably get the Energi because the tax credit probably puts me at the breakeven point immediately vis-a-vis the regular Hybrid. (By comparison, a gas-powered SE with the same options would be up to about $30.5K, which means that it makes absolutely no sense for me to get a regular SE because I’m calculating the Hybrid/Energi breakeven point to be at three years based on my use, and I tend to drive my car 4-5 years.) I tend to think that there are other people who would be in my boat.

    Again, it depends on what it comes with. If the options that I want are *not* included and would add about $2-3K to the price of the Energi, I’m not getting one. Part of that equation is that electricity is relatively expensive here, so I don’t figure a fuel cost savings.

  • Leo Chen

    Will it be real 40 mpg, or more like cmax/fusion hybrid not exactly 47 mpg?

  • Shines

    If it could get over 35 mpg in city driving – that would be huge for an ice.