2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid EPA Rated At 115 MPGe

Honda announced yesterday during the L.A. Auto Show press days that the 2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is EPA-rated at 115 miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe), leading Honda to say the plug-in hybrid has the highest rating in its class.

Also announced was pricing just north of $39,000, and it will be available Jan. 15, 2013 onward in California and New York.

Recharge time for the Accord’s 6.7-kilowatt-hour (kwh) lithium-ion battery is three hours from a 120-volt outlet, and less than one hour at 240 volts.

The new 115 MPGe rating for the Accord PHEV might put Ford in something of a tight spot in light of its statements that the 2013 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is “the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in America” with a claimed 100-plus MPGe.

Some wiggle room for this statement could be in whether Ford considered the Accord a “midsize” car. According to the EPA, the 2012 model year Accord was called a “large” car, but for 2013 it is classified as midsize. Assuming the 2014 is as well, Ford’s statement would appear incorrect as a Honda spokesperson suggested to us this week in Los Angeles.

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  • Zarin Gul2

    Great fuel saving. How about battery life and its cost ?

  • stan smart

    Battery cost is irrelevant. I’ve owned Honda, Toyota and Ford hybrids … none for less than 7 years. NO battery problems. The Hionda & Toyota “electric drive train” (incl. battery) is for 8 years, 80,000 miles. My new Lincoln MKZ hybrid has a 100,000 mile/ 8 yr. warranty on the electric components. Don’t worry about it!

  • Van

    We will have to wait for some independent testing, but the initial claims are outstanding. Power of 196 HP is the highest, more than the C-max plug in, the Prius Plug-in and the Volt plug-in. The ICE is not a whole lot bigger than the Prius, 137 HP versus 134, so the larger electric traction motor provides the added power.

    The mileage, 47/46/46 is outstanding after the 13 miles of EV range is exhausted.

    As far as the EPA bogus MPGe, the 115 surpasses the others as well.

    Has Honda finally put a competitor for the Volt on the market? Time will tell.

  • MickMagoo

    I personally think it’s treat that another manufacturer has finally knocked the Prius off it’s perch. This should spur on more competition.

  • CharlesF

    I think I see a pattern. For plug in hybrids, the longer the all EV range the lower the MPGs after that. It was looking that way after the Volt and PIP. Now with three more cars to fill in the gap (C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi (numbers coming soon) and Accord plug in) we see that the pattern holds.

    10/50 for the PIP*
    16/47 for the Accord
    21/43 for the C-Max
    38/37 for the Volt

    A linear fit gives an R2 value of 0.97.

    * I know that the PIP is only 6 miles of all EV range from the EPA, but I use 10 because it goes 10 of its first 11 miles as an EV. That seems like a fair compromise.

  • Van

    EV range/MPG
    6/50 for the PIP 95 MPGe
    16/47 for the Accord 115 MPGe
    21/43 for the C-Max 100 MPGe
    38/37 for the Volt 98 MPGe