2013 Chevy Volts Now Available

When we last reported on the pending 2013 Chevrolet Volt, we passed along GM’s estimate that the cars would be available in August and no indicators were given that it might be earlier.

As it turns out, some Chevy dealers have been receiving 2013s for a couple weeks or so, and as far back as our June 7 report, GM was actually “sprinkling in” a “handful” of 2013 specification cars among the 2012s rolling off the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly line.

According to GM’s Kevin Kelly, Manager, Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Communications, the new Volts with 16.5-kwh battery, three more EPA-rated all-electric miles and 98 MPGe have been in full-time assembly since the line started back up after Independence Day.

Customers have been able to order 2013 Volts for the past couple months, but the August availability date was given, Kelly said, to allow time for sufficient supply to make its way to dealers.

Availability is yet limited with 2012s and 2013s still in inventories, but dealers do have them here and there.

We asked whether GM rushed the changeover to prevent cannibalization of its 2012 sales due to customers possibly holding off until the tweaked 2013 models arrived.

Kelly said this did not weigh into GM’s decision, but it was business as usual, and once suppliers were all lined up, the changeover was made.

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  • Modern Marvel Fan

    I am sure that dealers will price them differently… The new 2013 models have more features and different option package. The EV hold mode is nice to have as well.

  • ACAgal

    When we first got our Volt, it indicated an EV range of 37 miles/charge. As it has gotten to know our driving style, and the weight of the usual passengers ( large adults), the range now is estimated at about 47miles/charge. If we added two large adults to the back seat, we would probably get the 37 miles/charge first estimated. Ours is a 2012, and we like the car for lots of reasons.

  • Van

    Today, on the radio, two different dealers were offering Volts $2,500 below MSRP. Looks like they think the new model year is quite a bit better.

    If we drive a Volt 15,000 miles per year, 10,000 EV miles and 5,000 range extended miles we would spend about $700 on electricity (.20 per kwh)and $513 on gas, for a total fuel bill on $1213 for a year. In a Prius, we would spend $1140.

    It looks like the Volt’s days are numbered because the Ford C-max plug in and Fusion plug in will provide tailpipe emission free driving at must less cost.

  • G

    Doubt your electricity costs will be that high. Your estimate seems to be about double what most volt owners are seeing. That being said, it is up to the consumer to determine whether their driving habits and typical commute better suit a plug-in electric vs hybrid platform.