More Hybrid News...

  • Luke

    2013 MKZ Hybrid is missing (autoblog green also missed it). Certainly similar to Fusion but styling and features are distinct enough to see it as a different car.

    Also the RLX will be available early 2013 according to Honda.
    No news on Altima Hybrid yet. Wonder when Nissan will give more info on that.

  • Evelyn Kanter

    It will be many years — if ever — that the NY Auto Show leaves the Javits, which is located just ten minutes from Times Square. NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed tearing down the Javits and building a new and larger convention center an hour away, in Queens.

    Like many of the vehicles displayed at the NY Auto Show — this is just a concept, and it is from the state’s governor, not the city’s mayor. There are many years of litigation and legislation before anything happens.

    In the meantime, there are 1,000+ vehicles on display at the Javits, which was recently expanded. General Motors occupies the new, expansive new North Wing.

    The NY Auto Show is not leaving the Javits any time soon.

  • jones22

    They do an amazing job with this auto show every year. The cars that they offer here is so good. You will be able to get so much from it.

  • Susan Selz

    Wow, these cars are just the best I have seen in a while. Even the chick in the blue dress has a hot bod…haha JK. Nice to see some rugged designs out there…Hostgator Code