$200,000-Plus Tuned Tesla Model S To Be Shown Next Week

In certain regions, the Tesla Model S may be a victim of its own success. It’s fast, cool, high-end, and exclusive. Or rather, it’s becoming not exclusive, even near ubiquitous in some neighborhoods, so to remedy this, T Sportline has a solution.

It wants to amp up the exclusivity factor, and at next week’s LA Auto Show it will be showing off a $200,000-plus model kitted out with its tuner parts, including items like special wheels, carbon aero package, custom color, and so on.

Problem solved. Exclusivity restored. The question is how the company will out-do the base P85D which will fetch between $105,000-$140,000 in round numbers and is quite special all by itself.

Could T Sportline have something special in the speed department to add to Tesla’s something special? Or will this be just a dolled up car to preen and say look at me, while doing nothing to really make it perform better?

We’ll find out next week. T Sportline ambitiously calls itself “The World’s First Tesla Tuner” but we’re not sure Saleen or others would agree.

A really bad pun now would be to write “stay tuned,” but we’ll just say wait and see …

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