200 Natural Gas Fueling Lanes Network Underway

TravelCenters of America LLC announced yesterday that it has entered a memorandum of understanding with Shell Oil Products US and its affiliates to construct and operate a network of natural gas fueling lanes at TA locations along the U.S. Interstate Highway System.

The memorandum of understanding contemplates that Shell will construct and TA will operate at least 200 natural gas fueling lanes on at least 100 TA locations.

More TA locations may be added depending upon customer demand. The locations will be jointly selected by TA and Shell with the intention of creating the infrastructure required to allow natural gas powered trucks to travel across the United States.

TA today operates a nationwide network of 238 travel centers, almost all of which are located at Interstate Highway System exits. TA’s locations operate under the brand names “TravelCenters of America,” “TA” and “Petro Stopping Centers.”

A typical TA location has over 20 acres for truck and motorist parking, a large convenience store, sit down and quick serve restaurants and a large, multi-bay truck repair and maintenance facility.

In order to facilitate the introduction of natural gas powered vehicles to the interstate trucking industry, TA expects to a train and equip a sufficient number of TA’s 3,000 repair technicians, 1,000 truck service bays and 400 Road Squad emergency roadside repair vehicles to service natural gas powered truck engines.

The first natural gas fueling lanes for trucks traveling along the U.S. Interstate Highway System are expected to be operational at TA locations during 2013.

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  • Volume Van

    Excellent, build more and more so that nation can move away from Oil.

  • Tim Alton

    I am curious about the amount money ANGA spends on advertising the fact they are producing vast amounts of NG versus the amount they spend on building up infrastructure so they sell the stuff, and quite possibly create demand and perhaps profit.

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  • Natural Gas Companies in PA

    Sounds like an exciting development! This will make it much easier for CNG car manufacturers to market their products. Are any other travel stations showing interest in doing the same?

  • Anthony Glen

    Nice! This is a nice post. Natural Gas is very important in any country. I use my car in natural gas. It’s very environment friendly. I think every body should use the natural gas. Thanks for posting