100,000 Charging Sessions For Charge Your Car

Charge Your Car (CYC), announced it has achieved 100,000 charging sessions on the network February 4, 2014, meaning that the total kilowatt-hour drawn has surpassed 549,399.

CYC is the company behind the first open network of recharging points for electric vehicles in the UK.

CYC said its network now has 230 post owners enrolled, resulting in 1,535 charging points managed by CYC with 1,637 registered users. Included in those sessions was the drive from London to Edinburgh in a day by David Peilow and Robert Lewellyn in a Nissan Leaf in January 2014.

Charge Your Car works with a single RFID card that can be used across the UK with all charge points on the network. The CYC card is also accepted on the Ecotricity Network and the CYC network also accepts the BMW Drive Now card.

CYC said its system, built on open source software, is also the first pay-as-you-go service available to EV owners and brings together drivers, charge point owners, public sector organizations and charge point manufacturers in a network accessible to all, which is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week.

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