10 Teams Receive Their Cars For The Upcoming Formula E Series

Yesterday the first batch of Formula E all-electric race cars were delivered as Formula E’s headquarters in Donington England to the 10 teams who will begin competition in Beijing Sept. 13.

Each team initially got one of the cars that’s been jointly developed by Renault and Spark.

According to Renault, the inaugural championship series has been steadily making progress including development tests at several circuits that “went perfectly” in January.

“We are delighted to have worked alongside Spark ahead of the delivery of the first 10 Spark-Renaults to the Formula E teams,” said Patrice Ratti, general manager, Renault Sport Technologies. “It was no mean feat because this is the world’s first small-scale production-produced single-seater electric racing car to deliver such a high level of performance. To have succeeded is another illustration of the passion that fires the teams of experts who work at Renault Sport, as well as of their grasp of advanced electric vehicle technologies.”


So mark your calendars for September. The race series has been getting thumbs up by those within the alternative-energy space and hotshoe drivers and conventional motorsports insiders as well.

The electric cars promise closely matched, wheel-to-wheel racing, and a positive light shed on electric vehicles as a whole.

According to Frédéric Vasseur, president, Spark Racing Technologies, the open-wheel Spark-Renault SRT_01E is being readied to put on a race series that will not disappoint.

“The development, fine-tuning and production of such an innovative racing car as the Spark-Renault SRT_01E in such a short lapse of time was a challenge that we are particularly proud to have risen to,” said Vasseur. “The cooperation we enjoyed with our various partners was remarkable and the input from the teams at Renault Sport was especially decisive in enabling us to develop a car that is reliable, safe and competitive. We are delighted to have reaped the fruit of our collaboration with Renault.”

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