10 Reasons Why Tesla Should Be Set Free From Franchise Laws

7. Tesla Will Be Able To Better Serve Customers


Tesla has made a point of bending over backwards to cater to its buyers, and as Musk says:

“An even bigger conflict of interest with auto dealers is that they make most of their profit from service, but electric cars require much less service than gasoline cars. There are no oil, spark plug or fuel filter changes, no tune-ups and no smog checks needed for an electric car. Also, all Tesla Model S vehicles are capable of over-the-air updates to upgrade the software, just like your phone or computer, so no visit to the service center is required for that either.

“Going a step further, I have made it a principle within Tesla that we should never attempt to make servicing a profit center. It does not seem right to me that companies try to make a profit off customers when their product breaks. Overcharging people for unneeded servicing (often not even fixing the original problem) is rampant within the industry and happened to me personally on several occasions when I drove gasoline cars. I resolved that we would endeavor never to do such a thing at Tesla, as described in the Tesla service blog post I wrote last year.

Musk in October 2012 wrote:

“In less than three months from now we will have more Tesla Service Centers in the United States than Stores and Galleries combined. We are opening service centers in numerous cities where we do not even have stores.

“This will ensure that all customers in these areas will have access to Tesla certified technicians, despite the fact that we do not have a store in the immediate area. By the end of this year, over 85% of all Model S reservation holders in North America will be within 50 miles of a Tesla Service Center. 92% will be within 100 miles. Service is a top priority at Tesla and always will be.”

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