10 Reasons Why Tesla Should Be Set Free From Franchise Laws

9. Tesla Says It Represents The True Spirit Of Democracy


“Clearly if democracy was working properly and legislators were implementing the will of the people, something else would be happening. And there would not be legislation trying to artificially restrict direct sales,” says Musk in a recent interview.


It’s been said also that people should be permitted to buy products as they choose and asked who are lawmakers to shut out a whole manufacturer if people want it otherwise?

A particular poignant comment by “Ron64,” a regular GM-Volt.com contributor and green car fan put it as follows:

“As a point of individual freedom. It is not so much whether or not Tesla should be allowed to direct sell but rather that I should be allowed to direct buy. Why should I be told, in a free country mind you, that I cannot go to the phone/computer and buy a legal product from someone who makes it?”

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