10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

Consumer Demand


If you’ve not noticed, green is in. Fence sitters are for now are held back by perceived costs or lack of full knowledge about alternative choices, not so much because they hate the idea.

Sadly, auto company marketers have struggled to be as effective as they could. Also dealers are not always incentivized to show how hybrids or plug-ins can make sense. But today more people could benefit from a hybrid or plug-in car who so far haven’t bought, and this will increase as the word gets out against an entrenched paradigm.

With next-generation offerings, the value proposition will improve. As other synergies come into play, people who are already prepped will jump in.

Some today also are standing back from plug-ins merely because they are new, and don’t buy first gen products on principle.

Marketers know there will be waves of buyers for whom the light bulb all of a sudden turns on. Not everyone bought a flat screen TV for $12,000 when they were new, but as price-for-performance got cheaper toward commodity item status, these products were snapped up as consumers felt comfortable.

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