10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

Infrastructure Is Ready


Fuel cells use electric motors but the “feed stock” to produce hydrogen is natural gas meaning Big Oil will stay in business. Plus, you can almost count the number of hydrogen stations with the fingers of two hands, and the build out will take hundreds of millions of dollars just to see if the cost can be driven down.

Battery-electrified vehicles on the other hand are a tad more convenient to recharge. Do you know where the nearest refueling station is for a plug-in car? It could be only feet away from you – the nearest electric outlet will do. Home charging with 120 or 240-volt equipment is convenient, can be done overnight when rates tend to be lower.

While fence sitters yet abound, all it has taken to turn some consumers into supporters of the plug-in lifestyle is seeing that worries were overblown, and it can work.

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