10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

Electric Motors Are More Efficient

Chevrolet's for-now limited market Spark EV's motor is built in Baltimore.

Chevrolet’s for-now limited market Spark EV’s motor is built in Baltimore.

Electric motors convert their energy supply to usable propulsion force with efficiency in the high 80s to 95 percent or so. Gasoline engines may be in the upper 20-percent range, and the pending new Prius engine and some by Honda, such as in the Accord Hybrid, may push to high 30s to 40 percent thermal efficiency.

The best gasoline engines are relative energy hogs and fossil fuels produce more heat than usable work energy. The only thing holding back electrified vehicles – or, alternately the only thing justifying them – is electric motors work efficiently with limited energy storage – batteries.

At this stage, electric motors make sense enough for the industry to have begun, and a tipping point could come as soon as someone improves the technological equation.

For those of you old enough to remember, did you think 25 years ago the Internet would be what it is? Did you envision that connected devices and smartphones and flat screen TVs with life-like picture would be so extremelty common and affordable?

Electric motors are also quiet, offer instant torque from zero rpm, and need very little maintenance with fewer moving parts.

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