10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

Electricity Is Cleaner


Automakers can try to squeak out more efficiency from internal combustion engines, if they want. They can roll out all the 8- 9- or 10-speed transmissions, diesels, gasoline diesels, direct-injected, downsized, turbocharged, you-name-it tech they want.

Nothing beats zero emissions from an electric motor. This would also apply to fuel cell electric vehicles, but battery electric vehicles and other plug-in and regular hybrid vehicles are super effective.

What’s not to like about cleaner air? Battery powered cars can also benefit from a grid that itself is regulated, and mandated to become cleaner. Renewable sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, and hydro will play a greater part to one degree or another. The world is pushing for it, and electrified vehicles will make more sense as time goes on.

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