10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

Tesla Motors


The California start-up gets its own entry even if confusion yet exists. Just yesterday we were talking to a banker who said Model S is a “toy for the rich,” and he’d not want to travel from Pennsylvania to Florida and have to stop over for “6 or 7 hours” to recharge.

Make no mistake, there is an information battle out there and some of the information watering troughs are ladling out spin from half truths. We informed the gentleman about the existence of 20-30-minute Superchargers, and Tesla’s plan to build less expensive cars. He was far from convinced, but others get it.

The truth is: a truly high-volume selling electrified “game changer” has not arrived yet but that doesn’t mean the entire electrification effort is illegitimate, and Tesla aims to prove that.

Tesla is offering free charging to all its customers who buy Supercharger compatible cars, has freed its patents, and is building a gigafactory, but there is one fact more important: The fact that Tesla even exists.

The company is pushing 200,000-employee giants like General Motors to assign a team to monitor Tesla, and BMW and reportedly Audi too are responding to a company selling the “toys for the rich” in volumes higher than Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and so on.

Tesla will have its hands full expanding from niche player to mass marketer with Model 3 and beyond, but it is a goad proving defiantly what can be done today when you’re in it to win it with no vested ties to petroleum energy.

Assuming it succeeds in opening a mass market, it will force others to follow. They will want some of the fun too.

Much more could be said about the provocation to global automakers by the yet-small company that refuses to burn gas. The jury for Tesla is still ultimately out, but 10 years into it, it’s been so far, so good.

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