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    Tesla Reports Better Financials and Model 3 Due In July

    Tesla shaved down losses and surpassed revenue estimates in Q4, and told investors Model 3 production will start in July. On a conference call yesterday, CEO Elon Musk told analysts that the company is “on track” to start limited production then, with a goal of 5,000 Model 3s produced per week in the fourth quarter […]


    Shell and Toyota Opening Seven Hydrogen Stations in California

    Shell and Toyota are partnering to add seven new hydrogen fueling stations in California as both companies bet petroleum will be fading away in the future. It’s part of California’s zero emission vehicles and greenhouse gas reduction campaign, with an expected 100 retail hydrogen stations to be in place by 2024. Green Car Congress reported […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Big Corn and Big Oil Team Up to Fight EVs

    Subsidies for electric vehicles pose a threat to both the biofuels industry and the traditional oil industry, so the two are teaming up. Typically, the biofuels industry and the oil industry have been rivals, since biofuels have been touted by their backers as an alternative solution to fossil fuels – biofuels have been sold as […]

    Automakers to New EPA Chief: Drop Obama’s CO2 Rules

    The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers asked Tuesday to have the EPA’s new Administrator Scott Pruitt withdraw the Obama Administration’s decision to lock in vehicle emissions rules through 2025. Mitch Bainwol, CEO of the industry group representing 77 percent of U.S. auto manufacturers, wrote to Pruitt the decision was “the product of egregious procedural and substantive […]

    VW Earns 50 Percent Range Increase EPA Estimate for 2017 e-Golf

    Volkswagen of America has gained a 50 percent increase in estimated range by the Environmental Protection Agency for the 2017 e-Golf. The revised e-Golf now has the ability to go 125 miles on a single charge, up from 83 miles previously. A new lithium battery has added longer range – at 35.8 kWh in the […]

    Future Mobility Confident Over Gaining China’s Approval For 2019 EV Launch

    China-based electric carmaker Future Mobility Corp. is sticking to its plan to launch an electric SUV by late 2019, even if government approval gets dragged out longer. The startup founded by former BMW and Nissan executives has courted enough financial backers to start building a $1.7 billion factory in Nanjing, but the regulatory process needed […]

    Hyundai Launches Electric Carsharing Service in Korea

    Hyundai and its captive finance unit will be launching an electric carsharing unit in April. Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Capital will make their vehicles, including electric cars, available through a carsharing service in South Korea. Hyundai Motor launched a carsharing test drive in Korea last December. Users could try out a Hyundai Ioniq electric sedan […]

    BMW and Mobileye Sharing Sensor Data To Support Autonomous Driving

    BMW and Mobileye are partnering to share real-time sensor data from BMW vehicles equipped with Mobileye’s mapping system supporting autonomous driving. Mobileye’s Road Experience Management data generation technology will be added to BMW models entering the market in 2018. This will “crowd-source” real-time data with vehicles equipped with Mobileye’s camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System technology. […]