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    Why Now Is A Good Time to Buy a Hybrid or Plug-in Car

    Have you ever noticed how some people make relatively large long-term financial decisions based on short-term information? Take for example, a car purchase. A new car may be kept several years up to 10 years or longer. Today it is being reported all over that Americans are back to buying SUVs, trucks, and hybrid sales […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    What Price Should Chevrolet Ask For the 2016 Volt?

    Now that General Motors has made its big splash with the 2016 Volt currently on display at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, questions remain, including what the all-new 50-mile-range plug-in car with gas backup will sell for. When the 2011 Volt was first launched, GM had high costs baked into the advanced vehicle it […]


    GM’s Potential BMW i3-Beating Bolt Hails from Down Under

    If not for an unplanned-for tipster, the Chevy Bolt EV Concept that looks like an affordable counterpoint to BMW’s i3 was nearly a surprise, and perhaps it was a bit easier keeping its development under wraps as it hails from Australia. Although GM did not mention it in its press release, the Bolt was built […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Energy Secretary: US Won’t Reach Goal of 1 Million EVs in 2015

    In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said he wanted the U.S. to become the first country with one million plug-in electrified vehicles (PEVs) on the road by 2015, but the U.S. Energy Secretary last week conceded the goal won’t be met. To date fewer than 300,000 plug-in hybrids and all-electric […]

    Nissan e-NV200 Named ‘Best Green Van’

    Nissan’s all-electric e-NV200 van is proving popular award-wise in the UK. The electric van received last week its sixth industry award in as many months, winning the Best Green Van honor at the Business Van of the Year awards in London, held by the Business Van magazine. Nissan stated the model won at the independent […]

    Porsche Planning Tesla Fighting EV For As Soon As 2016

    If a German-language report is correct, Porsche is developing its first dedicated all-electric Tesla competitor, the Pajun. According to Auto Motor und Sport, “there is speculation” the Pajun will be on the market by 2016. The Pajun, called by some a “baby Panamera” has been reported upon previously, but rather than receiving a multitude of […]

    More Charging Stations For The Electric Circuit

    Following its promise, the Electric Circuit went on all through last week with one announcement per day during the Montreal Auto Show. We reported on the first few announcements last week, announcements relating to the expansion of Quebec’s Electric Circuit EV charging network. The first of such had to do with Nissan Canada supporting the […]

    Toyota’s Bob Carter Rebuts Elon Musk’s Comments Against Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Toyota has for a while heard criticism against “fool cells,” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk called them last June, and this week Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Bob Carter answered Musk’s latest panning of the technology. The occasion was with CNBC’s Phil LeBeau at the J.D. Power Automotive Summit in San Francisco Thursday. It […]

    Retrofit Powertrain Sales Grow for Wrightspeed

    Wrightspeed’s aftermarket microturbine-powered plug-in series hybrid powertrain is gaining momentum, with more orders and a new facility planned in the immediate future. The company’s main product is the Route, a retrofit Range-extended Electric Vehicle (REV) powertrain built for commercial vehicles. Typical applications include medium-duty trucks, such as delivery trucks, and heavy-duty purpose-built vehicles, like garbage […]