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    All-New Toyota Prius V Spied Track Testing

    Rumors have been that Toyota will discontinue the Prius v wagon but if spy photos are any indicator, declarations of its pending demise are greatly exaggerated. The Japanese automaker was recently seen testing a mule at the Nurburgring track in Germany that was disguised with borrowed parts from the Lexus NX, fake tail lights and […]

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    Never Minding Tesla’s Delayed Semi, Toyota Calls Its FCV Big Rig ‘The Future’

    While the world awaits Tesla’s delayed Semi due this fall, the Japanese company that brought you the Prius, Mirai FCV, and other nifty electrified vehicles is drumming up interest in an electric semi of its own. This one however happens to be a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and starting Oct. 23 Toyota’s “Project Portal” will […]

    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    September 2017 Dashboard

    The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for September were exceptionally strong, as fleet sales and replacement demand from Harvey and to a lesser extent, Irma, led to the highest […]

    Hybrid Car News

    BMW Electrifying Cruising with its new Active Hybrid E-Bike 

    BMW has unveiled a new electric bike, the Active Hybrid E-Bike, continuing the manufacturer’s quest in electrifying many of its latest models. The Active Hybrid E-Bike’s specifications look very promising, comprising of a Brose electric motor with an output of 250 W, producing 66-pounds-feet of torque with a claimed range of up to 100-km (62-miles) […]

    Huger Blitzes Indiegogo to Bring Electric Skateboards to Production

    Huger, a self-proclaimed producer of the “world’s best e-skateboards,” recently completed an Indiegogo round to bring its board to production. As of Sept. 15, Huger raised $212,265 from 460 backers on its Indiegogo page, 701 percent of its original requested amount to fund its e-skateboards into production. Currently, all orders are on track to be […]

    Volkswagen Testing its Electric Car Mettle in the Mountains

    Volkswagen has built an all-wheel-drive electric car prototype to conquer the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a famous testing ground for electric vehicle technology. In collaboration with its technology development team in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen is going all-out in building an all-electric sports car to compete at the Pikes Peak high-altitude race in Colorado in […]

    Tesla Looking at Electric Mobile Service Trucks

    Tesla is planning an electric service vehicle, according to a company executive. The new service vehicles would be based on the Model X, or even the Model S, and would replace the conventional trucks the company is currently using to provide mobile service. Tesla’s President of Global Sales and Services, Jon McNeill, told owners about […]

    Toshiba Introduces New Ultra-Fast-Charge Battery

    Toshiba is charging up with next-generation battery tech that takes more charge faster, even in the cold. The company is touting a new lithium-ion battery technology that it says can double the capacity of the anode. That means better energy density and faster charging. How much faster? Toshiba said that a 200 mile charge (32 […]

    Futuristic Fuel-Cell Powered Minivan By Toyota Ready For Prime Time

    Toyota will debut its new hydrogen fuel-cell concept, the “Fine-Comfort Ride” futuristic minivan, at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Dubbed a “new form of the premium saloon,” the Fine-Comfort Ride sports sharp angular contours and an absurdly long wheelbase. Its high wheel arches, missing front/rear pillars and bucket seating rest in a diamond-shaped […]