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    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    April 2015 Dashboard

    The monthly sales dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for April were strong and the industry showed continuing improvement from one year ago, as most automakers showed gains. Battery electric vehicles had […]

    Politics, Incentives & Laws

    Congress-Commissioned Study Recommends PEV Tax Credit Become Point Of Sale Rebate

    A comprehensive study commissioned by Congress surveying adoption and growth of the plug-in electrified vehicle (PEV) market recommends the federal tax credit become a point-of-sale rebate. This recommendation has been politically dead on arrival as endorsed by President Barack Obama for the past four years or more, but the 205-page exhaustive and throughly vetted non-partisan […]


    Second-Generation Volt Transmission Operation Explained

    Preface This article co-written by Jeff Nisewanger, Patrick Groeneveld and George Bower first appeared on It’s more than a little bit technical, but for those who want more than a cursory explanation, it’s based on GM patent US 8,602,938, issued in December 2013, and presentations by GM at an SAE vehicle electrification conference on […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Four- and Six-Cylinder Diesel Engines Under Development By Cadillac

    Now that Cadillac has unleashed several new models, the American automaker is diverting its attention to powertrain development. The American automaker’s chief engineer, Dave Leone, has confirmed that Cadillac will launch new four- and six-cylinder diesel engines. As expected, the diesel engines are being designed with the European market in mind, but there is a […]

    Nissan Leaf Sales Slightly Down In April; Chevy Volt Sales Slightly Up

    April saw a bit of a turnabout with Nissan Leaf sales dropping month over month while Chevy Volt sales went up but the Leaf is still holding its lead as America’s best-selling plug-in car since launch. Last month Nissan reported 1,553 Leafs sold compared to 1,817 in March and Chevrolet delivered 905, a comparable numerical […]

    Tesla Extending Resale Value Guarantee To Hong Kong

    Tesla Motors has recently extended its resale value guarantee financing plan to Hong Kong, a program which will allow owners of certain Tesla models to sell back their cars at a guaranteed price. Those who own the 70 kwh Model S sedan will be given the option of selling back their vehicle to Tesla within […]

    BlueIndy Car Share Strikes A Deal With Indianapolis

    Since February, BlueIndy electric car-sharing service has been stuck in a state of uncertainty, but this past week BlueIndy and the city of Indianapolis have reached an agreement to close a $13 million deficit to get the service up and running. The agreement stated that Bolloré, the French company that owns the service will pitch in […]

    Senate Bill Could Reward Whistleblowers Millions To Expose Automaker Safety Threats

    The U.S. Secretary of Transportation wants to incentivize whistleblowers who give tips leading to actions against auto industry safety violations, and the government is contemplating a potentially handsome split of proceeds if it comes to that. After a year of record recalls that included a documented death toll from hushed-up risks, the U.S. Senate has […]

    Hybrid Car Repair Costs Down For Fourth Year Straight

    Throughout 2014, the website CarMD kept track of over 90,000 car repairs within the U.S., concluding that for the fourth straight year hybrid car repair costs were lower than the last. CarMD states that the reasoning behind this is largely due in part to the increase of supply of hybrid car parts, which is on account […]