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    2015 Camry Hybrid Starts At $26,790

    Toyota has revealed the 2015 Camry Hybrid will start at $26,790 for the LE model, which is $460 more than the equivalent 2014.5 Camry Hybrid LE. Yes, you read that well, Toyota had released a mid-year update to its Camry with trim prices and detail changes when compared to the 2014 models. For 2015, the […]

    Power, Plugs and People

    KillaJoule Electric Sidecar Sets 241 mph Speed Record

    Last Thursday at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, engineering PhD student Eva Håkansson set several world land speed records in her “KillaJoule” streamlined electric sidecar motorcycle. Håkansson’s home-built EV smashed the previous fastest electric motorcycle record by 25 mph, and established an all-time best among sidecars of any type. The KillaJoule was clocked at 241.901 […]

    Power, Plugs and People

    Will Home Grown Oil Kill the Electric Car?

    With the United States on the verge of producing oil in quantities not seen since 1970, is one of the core reasons behind electrifying transportation eroding before our eyes? Since the October 1973 Arab oil embargo, getting off foreign oil has been the sober yet unfulfilled promise of presidents and the subject of comic mockery. […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Kia Adding California Charging Stations For Soul EV

    Kia Motors America (KMA) wants to improve the EV charging network in advance of the Soul EV’s California arrival during the third quarter of this year. Kia is adding of 17 new DC fast chargers to California’s already-existing network of 198, charger. KMA said its EV charging infrastructure plan provides Soul EV buyers with broad […]

    Volvo’s S60L Will Be First Chinese-Built Car Sold in U.S.

    All the anxiety over which horribly-executed Chinese car would land in U.S. dealerships first appears to have been all for naught. Why? Volvo — owned by Chinese automaker Geely — will be the first manufacturer to offer a model assembled in China, and there’s a chance that its potential customers may barely notice. The car […]

    Jaguar Range Rover Could Build EVs Competing With Tesla and BMW

    Like most others in the automotive world, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is deciding where it can dive deeper into the electrification game with more hybrids and eventually EVs that could go against Tesla and BMW. In a recent talk with the head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, Wolfgang Ziebart, Automotive News in Europe […]

    Aluminum EcoBoost 2015 F-150 Testing Videos

    Four truck customers have been offered the chance to get behind the wheel of Ford’s new aluminum-built, EcoBoost-powered 2015 F-150. Ford started releasing last Friday the first of four videos in the “You Test” series; these videos will show, said Ford, how these customers tested the all-new F-150 at The company explained these truck […]

    Toshiba Set On Improving Automotive Cameras

    Toshiba is determined to improve the image sensors – and thus cameras – needed for self-driving vehicles. Already strong in image sensor development, the company will focus on development and sales expansion of automotive and medical imaging sensor, with future development based on the BSI (backside illumination image sensor) technology and technologies that realize high sensitivity […]

    Toyota Hydrogen Tanks Production Gains Approval

    Toyota gained Japanese government approval to build and inspect high-pressure hydrogen tanks. This thereby handles one of the main issues with hydrogen vehicles in that high tank pressures must be sustainable, durable, and reliable. The company said this approval is an important production staging post in its program to launch its first fuel cell vehicle. […]