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    LG Chem Will Have 200-Mile Range Battery By 2016

    General Motor representatives have said on different occasions GM could have a 200-mile range battery electric car as soon as 2016, but have been short on details beyond that. Yesterday it was reported LG Chem says it will be able to supply a 200-mile-range EV battery by 2016, said at least one automaker will get […]


    2015 Cadillac ELR Expected To Get More Electric Range

    Cadillac has struggled to sell the 2014 ELR this year, is now quietly offering around $12,500 in rebates, and discounting, and its 16.5-kwh battery will be replaced with a 17.1-kwh pack like the Chevy Volt just got. It’s believed this should net an incremental range increase, and might even help MPGe as a similar increase […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    2015 Volt Gets Larger 17.1-kWh Battery

    Updates to the 2015 Chevy Volt include minor things like interior and exterior color choices, WiFi connectivity, and … an unannounced upgrade to the propulsion battery to 17.1 kilowatt-hours – up from 16.5. The extended-range electric Volt was launched December 2010 as a 2011 model with a 16.0-kwh pack rated at 35 miles electric range, […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Japan To Offer Huge $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Although it’s taken a few days to filter out to North American media, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has confirmed that the country will offer a substantial subsidy for the new hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles being launched in early 2015. “This is the car of a new era because it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide and […]

    Is Opel Planning Successor To Plug-In Ampera?

    In a classic case of misquotes and misinformation, earlier reports of Opel canning the Chevrolet Volt-based Ampera before General Motors launches its second generation without a replacement might not be entirely accurate. Today, while reports from Reuters and Automotive News Europe do confirm that Opel is indeed killing the Ampera, the company is also working […]

    Toyota Working On Removing Tech Distractions At The Wheel

    Focusing on the actual driving part of being at the wheel is getting more and more difficult. Not so many years ago, there was little in a car to draw the driver’s attention away from the road beyond the windows, mirrors and speedometer. Today, even a regular mid-market car can feature a plethora of displays, […]

    New Toyota Yaris For 2015

    Toyota is launching a redesigned Yaris for the 2015 model-year. The 2015 Yaris, like the previous-generations, comes in 3-door and 5-door liftback configurations, but with an updated outside and inside appearance. Toyota states the new Yaris combines an energetic shape with a more comfortable cabin. Toyota said the 2015 Yaris receives an aggressive new look […]

    Daimler Delaying Hydrogen FCV Until 2017

    Daimler has been very involved with fuel-cell electric vehicle research and various prototypes since the early 1990s. And, the German giant has been public about the genesis of its technology, including early involvement with Canadian experts Ballard Power Systems, however the company still hasn’t launched a publicly available FCV. With hydrogen power getting more general […]

    Nissan’s Free Public Charging With a New Leaf Promo Now Includes LA

    Today Nissan added Los Angeles its “No Charge to Charge” promo making this its 11th market to receive free public charger access with purchase of a new Leaf. The package gets those who lease or buy the all-electric mid-sized hatchback an RFID chip enabled EZ-Charge card, and access to hundreds of potential chargers in the […]