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    Tesla’s Q1 Earnings Announcement Raises Big Hopes Amidst Big Concerns

    Tesla’s first-quarter earnings announcement today continued to offer hope for supporters who believe they’re witnessing growth pangs of a rising star, and fodder for critics who’ve called a death watch. For his part, Tesla chief Elon Musk told analysts he was feeling good about things even as the company reported triple losses at $154 million […]

    Fuel Efficiency & Emissions

    Wrightspeed Debuts New Turbine For Commercial Vehicles

    Wrightspeed, best known for manufacturing aftermarket hybrid powertrains for commercial trucks, is adding a new turbine generator to its product line. Named the Fulcrum, this 250-pound turbine generator will not be providing power directly to the vehicle’s wheels. Instead, the series hybrid system focuses solely on recharging the battery pack. Turbines, mot unlike a helicopter’s […]

    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    April 2015 Dashboard

    The monthly sales dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for April were strong and the industry showed continuing improvement from one year ago, as most automakers showed gains. Battery electric vehicles had […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Tesla Roadster 3.0 Range Extending Package To Be Released In August

    Last Christmas, Tesla gave Roadster owners an extra gift when CEO Elon Musk announced that an upgraded package will soon be available. Almost four months went by with no word, until one owner reached out to Musk for more details. Using his standard platform for news updates – Twitter – Musk said recently that the […]

    Tesla To Debut Model 3 March 2016

    Tesla head Elon Musk today revealed the long-anticipated Model 3 will be shown around next March and on sale after the second quarter of 2017. “We are looking to start production of the Model 3 in second half of 2017,” said Musk while hedging the reveal date a bit. “We are hoping to show the […]

    Volkswagen To Build 20 New Electrified Car Models For China

    In the “near future,” Volkswagen plans a fleet of more than 20 electrified vehicle models for the Chinese market. As part of Volkswagen’s recent sustainability report, Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann wrote about the different requirements for the Chinese market and how Volkswagen plans to address them. Heizmann, a member of Volkswagen’s group board of management […]

    PSA Peugeot-Citroen Announces Plug-In Hybrid And EV

    Peugeot-Citroen is close to finalizing development of a plug-in hybrid, as well as release by 2020 of its second-generation electric vehicle in European markets. The news was announced by PSA CEO Carlos Tavares during an April 29 annual shareholders’ meeting and he added the French automaker is forming a new division which will focus solely […]

    Autonomous Freightliner 18-Wheeler Takes First Drive In Las Vegas

    Yesterday Daimler and the governor of Nevada celebrated the first running demonstration of an 18-wheeler semi-tractor trailer driven autonomously on its public roads. In fact, Gov. Brian Sandoval and Daimler AG board member Wolfgang Bernhard were in the vehicle driven on Las Vegas’ U.S. Highway 15. Called the Freightliner Inspiration truck, that much kinetic energy […]

    Porsche Developing Fuel Cell Vehicle

    Porsche has been going green with electrification and now it’s adding a new trick to its arsenal. According to Autocar, the German automaker is preparing a BMW 5 Series competitor that will be available with electric and hydrogen fuel cell variants. Through a series of patent applications filed in Germany, China and the U.S., details […]