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    GM Makes Surprise Announcement – 240 mpg Chevy Amphibian

    NEW YORK – Today General Motors announced the 2016 Chevrolet Amphibian (abbreviated Amp), a new four door hatch back built specifically for export to oil-producing nations. Designed to leapfrog all other cars on the road today, the new hatchback from Chevy has truly astonishing performance figures. In the hands of an enlightened commuter, the sleek-looking […]

    Politics, Incentives & Laws

    New Bill Proposes $5,000 Fine For Diesels ‘Rolling Coal’

    A proposed law against diesel drivers who are caught “rolling coal” would fine them up to $5,000 for this increasingly popular practice of tampering with emission controls. While some in the world are trying to go zero or partial zero emissions, others are finding it a new pass time to modify their trucks to spew […]


    Toyota RAV4 Hybrid To Bow Next Week In New York

    Next week at the New York auto show Toyota will be revealing a hybrid version of its RAV4. No details accompanied a teaser image and mere announcement that this would happen, but there is a relatively good chance it will borrow the powertrain from the Lexus 300h. This is yet to be verified but the […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Electric Circuit And VERnetwork Partnership

    The two largest Canadian electric vehicle charging station networks have agreed to work together. Quebec’s Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork have announced that they will soon offer total interoperability. This means drivers with an access card for either system will soon be able to use it on both. Electric Circuit members will gain access to […]

    Autonomous Acura RLX Tested In San Francisco Bay Area

    Honda started testing its autonomous driving tech in California. The company has commenced testing of its automated and connected vehicle technology at the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under the terms of an agreement between Honda, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the City of Concord, Honda will […]

    Scion’s First Sedan Boasts 37 MPG and $16,000 MSRP

    NEW YORK – Scion’s first-ever sedan promises to be as easy on the wallet when fueling the car as it is buying it new. With the Scion iA, Toyota’s subdivision includes in its “monospec” trim a 1.5-liter four – no hybridization – but still expected fuel economy of 33 mpg city, 42 highway, 37 combined […]

    Photo Of 2016 Cadillac CT6 Leaks Before Its New York Debut

    Set to make its official debut tonight at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the new Cadillac CT6 was revealed early this afternoon on the Internet instead. The photo gives us a first look at the luxury sedan’s exterior styling, showing a new profile that will fit in nicely with two other Cadillacs, the […]

    Elon Musk Tweets New Mystery Product

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again turned to Twitter to tease a new product, but the mystery product to be unveiled is not a car. In response, people are whimsically speculating on Twitter in return that this unveiling will however be some sort of flying car or perhaps a space elevator, but Tesla has hinted […]

    Toyota To Debut New Safety Tech On RAV4 Hybrid SUV

    This Thursday, Toyota will be showing off more than the first hybrid version of its RAV4; the carmaker will also be introducing a new safety system that will soon become available fleet-wide. Toyota announced today that the RAV4 Hybrid will be the first of its models outfitted with the new safety system. The technology address […]