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    Toyota RAV4 Hybrid To Bow Next Week In New York

    Next week at the New York auto show Toyota will be revealing a hybrid version of its RAV4. No details accompanied a teaser image and mere announcement that this would happen, but there is a relatively good chance it will borrow the powertrain from the Lexus 300h. This is yet to be verified but the […]

    Announcements & Events

    Nissan Sells 75,000th US Leaf – Has It Also Now Outsold The Chevy Volt?

    This month Nissan is celebrating its 75,000th Leaf sold in the United States and – pending March sales results in a couple weeks – the car may also now be the top-seller both globally and nationally as it has been trending in that direction. But a Nissan press release doesn’t talk about the unofficial race […]


    Mercedes-Benz To Release 10 New Plug-Ins By 2017

    Over the next two years Mercedes-Benz will launch 10 new plug-in vehicles, releasing one every four months. The plan is part of the company’s hybrid initiative, which includes a hybrid setup that can easily transfer to different vehicle classes. This gives Mercedes the ability to use the technology on its entire fleet, from the base-grade […]

    Hybrid Car News

    74 MPG For Road-Going Deltawing

    An analysis of the Deltawing’s viability showed a four seat version would reach close to 74 mpg on the highway. DeltaWing Technology Group, Inc. released the results of an independent engineering analysis of a four-passenger road car concept based on the patented DeltaWing narrow front track vehicle architecture. The study showed it would achieve an […]

    Toyota Rolling Out New Vehicle Architecture

    Toyota is working on making every single one of its vehicles better and more fuel-efficient. This development work is based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), described by the company as a new approach to manufacturing automobiles, with the core aims being greatly improved product development and more competitive production sites. SEE ALSO: Toyota […]

    New Bill Proposes $5,000 Fine For Diesels ‘Rolling Coal’

    A proposed law against diesel drivers who are caught “rolling coal” would fine them up to $5,000 for this increasingly popular practice of tampering with emission controls. While some in the world are trying to go zero or partial zero emissions, others are finding it a new pass time to modify their trucks to spew […]

    Illinois Halts Its Plug-In Vehicle Rebate Program

    In Illinois last week, Green Fleets announced that it has suspended its Alternative Fuel Rebate program. Those who purchased alternative-fuel vehicles during or after 2014 will not receive a $4,000 rebate from the state that they might otherwise have expected. Under the rebate program which begun in 1998, plug-in hybrid car buyers were able to attain rebates […]

    European Nissan Leaf Batteries Post Few Failures

    A new report says that almost every Nissan Leaf battery in Europe, 99.99-percent to be exact, is still running strong. The data, according to CleanTechnica, says that only three out of 35,000 Nissan Leaf batteries in Europe have failed. This is less than 0.01-percent of all Leafs on European roads. Though CleanTechnica doesn’t reveal the […]

    14-Year Olds Can Now Drive Renault Twizy EV

    French drivers as young as 14 years old will be able to drive and possibly form attachments to EVs by way of the Renault Twizy 45. Remember that time when you longed for that elusive first car? Under new French legislation, which is mirroring other European countries, 14-year-olds with their BSR road safety certificates are […]