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    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    January 2016 Dashboard

    The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for January were down slightly from a year ago, although there were fewer selling days in the month so the sales rate was […]


    4.5 Megawatt Charging Station Could Recharge EVs in 15 Minutes

    In an attempt to overcome one of the objections to electric cars – long charge times – Swiss researchers have demonstrated a setup that can replenish an EV in 15 minutes. “Our aim was to get under the psychological threshold of a half hour,” said Massimiliano Capezzali, deputy director of the EPFL Energy Center and […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Americans Watch As Honda Launches High-MPG Odyssey Hybrid Minivan in Japan

    A month after Fiat-Chrysler announced America’s first plug-in hybrid minivan, long-time minivan leader Honda announced an Odyssey hybrid too – for its home market. Honda’s announcement this week is that today dealers across Japan will begin offering its Odyssey with a version of the Accord Hybrid’s powertrain alongside conventionally powered Odysseys. The new gas-electric variant comes […]

    Toyota Superbowl Ad Teaser Shows Prius Is ‘Heck on Wheels’

    Like it or not, Toyota’s pre-Superbowl ad for the 2016 Prius takes counterintuitive to a new level portraying itself as a ride of choice for tough guys, sort of. It does get your attention, and may induce more than a few rolled eyebrows as well, but if it makes the vehicle memorable, people get over […]

    News of Cadillac ELR’s Eventual Cancellation Circulates, Again

    Poor Cadillac, its extended-range electric ELR only introduced in 2014 was again reported this week as to-be-canceled and it’s only now just enjoying an early mid-cycle refresh. The news this week nearly duplicating the gist a story run last April is that Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen “confirmed” on Monday the car will get the […]

    Elon Musk Cancels Model X Order For ‘Super Rude’ Customer

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied service to a customer for being “super rude.” U.S. venture capitalist Stewart Alsop wrote a post stating that Musk canceled his Model X pre-order following a phone conversation. It appears the phone conversation was in response to another post Alsop had written, where he complained about a delay in […]

    Scion to Fold, Models to Become Part of Toyota Brand

    Scion, which came to life in 2003 as a Toyota sub-brand aimed at young buyers, is going away. All of its current models, save the tC coupe, will be become Toyotas. That means the FR-S sports coupe, the iA sedan, and iM hatchback, along with the upcoming C-HR, will all be rebadged as Toyotas for […]

    Costco Auto Program Sales Up 16.8 Percent Compared to Last Year

    The Costco Auto Program is a great way to buy a new vehicle. It takes the hassle and stress out of this often torturous process by guaranteeing a low price and unprecedented levels of service. The program had a record year in 2015, with sales growing by nearly 16.8 percent compared to the year prior. […]