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    235 MPG Renault Eolab Heads To Paris

    Renault’s Eolab plug-in hybrid could net 282 mpg on the Euro cycle and in the U.S. it reportedly might achieve 235 mpg under more stringent EPA tests. A prototype of the four-passenger car has been driven by Top Gear, they say it works basically as advertised, but for now, the concept is to be displayed […]

    Power, Plugs and People

    Three Ways Formula E Will Benefit Our Electric Vehicles

    Regardless whether you personally like motorsports, or not, alternative energy fans may want to seriously consider cheering on Formula E or at least hope it succeeds. For more than a century internal combustion vehicles have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship between racing and cars we can buy, and a key goal for Formula E is facilitating […]


    Nevada Approves Tax Breaks For Tesla

    After three long days of special legislative sessions, the Nevada government finally approved the $1.3 billion bundle of tax breaks and other incentives needed to bring the Tesla Gigafactory to the state. During a signing ceremony, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said that the deal “changed the trajectory of our state forever,” and that “We made […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Toyota Announces 2015 Camry Hybrid Prices

    Toyota has announced prices for its extensively re-worked 2015 Camry Hybrid models at $26,790 for the base LE, $27,995 for the new SE, and $29,980 for the premium XLE excluding $825 destination fees. The new cars will be available this fall and Toyota has replaced or tweaked much in a thorough mid-cycle refresh for its […]

    Toyota Making Strides Towards Aluminum

    Toyota is playing catch-up with incorporating aluminum into its more popular vehicles, unlike rivals Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. The three North American automakers have wholly embraced the material, starting with hoods and panels in pickups and big SUVs, and spreading through — in the case of Chrysler — about 80 percent of its lineup. […]

    Mercedes-Benz Will Broaden Plug-In Hybrid Offerings

    After previewing its first-ever plug-in hybrid last week, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the technology is going to spread through the rest of its line in the relative near future. “We will have a plug-in hybrid version of every volume model,” said the company’s R&D Chief, Thomas Weber during a press preview of the S550 Plug-In […]

    Police May Be Able To Bust In-Car Texting With ‘Radar’ Gun

    A “radar-gunlike” text-message detection device is “near production” for use by law enforcment to find out drivers distracted by texting at the wheel. The device is being developed by ComSonics of Harrisonburg, Va., and it can spot the frequency of cell phone transmissions emanating from a moving vehicle, and discern between texting and cell phone […]

    Consumer Reports Compares Tesla Model S and BMW i8

    It did not take long, and now Consumer Reports has posted a video review of the Tesla Model S and BMW i8. While we were more discrete when we loosely compared the Model S to a Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, calling it “apple and orange,” CR flat out says the i8 and Model S comparo […]

    Mercedes-Benz Also Granted California Autonomous Vehicle License

    Mercedes-Benz is another German company receiving an autonomous vehicle license from the state of California. With “Senate Bill No. 1298″ taking effect, Mercedes-Benz received a license allowing the company to test vehicles in autonomous driving mode in daily traffic on California roads. Mercedes-Benz, which has been in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years now, said […]