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    Congress-Commissioned Study Recommends PEV Tax Credit Become Point Of Sale Rebate

    A comprehensive study commissioned by Congress surveying adoption and growth of the plug-in electrified vehicle (PEV) market recommends the federal tax credit become a point-of-sale rebate. This recommendation has been politically dead on arrival as endorsed by President Barack Obama for the past four years or more, but the 205-page exhaustive and throughly vetted non-partisan […]


    Second-Generation Volt Transmission Operation Explained

    Preface This article co-written by Jeff Nisewanger, Patrick Groeneveld and George Bower first appeared on It’s more than a little bit technical, but for those who want more than a cursory explanation, it’s based on GM patent US 8,602,938, issued in December 2013, and presentations by GM at an SAE vehicle electrification conference on […]


    Norway Celebrates 50,000th Plug-in Car Sold; Will EV Incentives Continue?

    As we reported on Friday would happen, today the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association held an event acknowledging plug-in electrified vehicle number 50,000 at the country’s Drammen Harbor. Today the registration plate EL 60000 was granted to a Tesla Model S purchased as number 50,000. The plate is 10,000 above because the “EL” plate series began […]

    Hybrid Car News

    China Reveals Its First Home-Grown Electric Supercar

    Debuting earlier this week at the Shanghai Auto Show was China’s first domestically designed and built electric supercar. Dubbed the Qiantu K50 Event! – yes, with an exclamation point! – and will be entering the Chinese market in 2016. The Event! will be priced approximately $113,000 (700,000 yuan), similar to what a Tesla Model S costs […]

    VW Says One Modular Battery Could Be Used For All Its EVs

    Volkswagen has said it could scale down its electric powertrain production costs by using a unified battery cell. According to VW board member in charge of development, Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the German automaker is targeting a 66-percent cost reduction with a new design that would rely on modules customized for each vehicle. It would allow the […]

    This Year’s SAE Conference Puts Focus On Self-Driving Cars

    Self-driving cars are at the center of attention at this year’s Society of Automotive Engineers conference in Detroit. Several SAE panels this year focused on the legal, technical and safety issues surrounding self-driving cars with Ray Kurzweil, inventor and director of engineering at Google, starting his keynote address by mentioning that vehicle crashes kill 1.2-million […]

    Mirai To Be Showcased On The Track

    In an unexpected move, Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai will pace a NASCAR race. Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle will pace the Toyota Owners 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Richmond International Raceway this coming Saturday night, April 25. The Mirai four-door, mid-size sedan will lead the Sprint Cup Series field to the green flag. […]

    More Tech Details Surface On 2016 Acura NSX Hybrid

    More has been revealed on the technology used in the 2016 Acura NSX. The Japanese brand is touting the car’s lightweight multi-material body and spaceframe as revolutionary and Acura claims that the car is “by far the most rigid in its competitive set.” The space frame is made primarily from aluminum and ultra-high-strength steel which […]

    Tesla Model X Should Start Deliveries This Year As Planned

    The Tesla Model X crossover has been postponed a few times already, but it seems to be on track for arrival later this year. Tesla revealed the status of its major projects in an SEC filing yesterday that outlines the necessary milestones for CEO Elon Musk to qualify for an equity grant with the company. […]