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    2016 Toyota Prius Spied?

    It appears that the 2016 Toyota Prius is undergoing testing in the U.S. PriusChat user Savior1974 spotted this heavily camouflaged prototype at a gas station in Baker, Calif. and while there’s no confirmation that this is a fourth-generation Prius, its body lines, tail lights and front end does resemble the world’s best-selling hybrid. Current Prius […]


    Electric City Car Shrinks, Rolls Sideways, Pivots on its Own Footprint

    A team of German engineers has been showcasing an EV prototype that can drive sideways, shrink, and turning on a dime in order to tackle challenges of ever-shrinking parking spots and increasing urban congestion. The EO Smart Connecting Car 2 as it’s been dubbed, was developed in Bremen by DFKI Robotics Innovation Center. The creation team […]


    911 Could ‘Possibly’ Be Porsche’s Next Plug-in Hybrid

    Porsche will decide this year whether to apply its plug-in hybridization formula to its 911. This was according to CEO Matthias Mueller who told Automotive News the 911 could “possibly” be next and the company is “negotiating about that” regarding Porsche’s growing stable of EPA-friendly variants. The decision has obviously not been made at this […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Oregon Set To Implement Per-Mile Road Usage Tax

    Oregon is aiming to become the first state in the nation with a per-mile usage tax. The state is currently preparing a program designed to help raise more revenue to support road and bridge projects. Across the country, gasoline taxes are declining as more vehicle owners turn to fuel efficient hybrids and electric vehicles, which […]

    China To Cut Annual Taxes On Hybrids And ZEVs

    As part of a countrywide initiative to promote more fuel-efficient transportation, China announced that it will stop charging annual taxes for some low- and zero-emission vehicles. The fee is part of China’s 2012 Vehicle and Vessel Tax (VVT). In addition to taxes for motorcycles, ships and commercial vehicles, the measure set an annual charge for […]

    Thieves Target Toyota Prius Batteries

    Authorities are reporting a sharp increase in Toyota Prius break-ins as a wave of battery thefts hits California. Many of these thefts are centered around San Francisco and Sacramento, and so far the Prius has been listed as the hybrid targeted most often. Used Prius batteries, some possibly obtained illegally, have been listed on sites […]

    Tesla Responds To Consumer Reports ‘Undriveable’ Allegation

    Tesla has released a response to Consumer Reports’ statement that its Model S P85D is “undriveable.” The publication ran into issues with the Model S P85D’s door handles not automatically extending like they are supposed to, a problem that has been reported among numerous Tesla Model S owners. Consumer Reports said because the car sensed […]

    Hybrid Loyalty Lowers With Gas Prices

    Hybrid and electric vehicle sales are feeling the impact of cheap gas. According to a recent report by, 55 percent of hybrid and electric vehicle owners are switching back to standard gasoline vehicles at trade-in time, marking the lowest level of hybrid loyalty since the company began tracking transactions in 2011. Over 20 percent […]

    Connecticut Offering Up To $3,000 in Electrified Vehicle Rebates

    This past Tuesday, Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy announced the state will be giving up to $3,000 rebates to those who purchase electric, fuel cell, or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Rebates, which will be applied during the point of sale, are available to residents, municipalities, and businesses of Connecticut and can range from $750 to $3,000 depending […]