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    California On Verge of Rolling Out 7,600 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, wants to have 1.5 million battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the roads by 2025, and the state’s largest utility thinks it can help reach that goal. Pacific Gas & Electric is proposing to install 7,600 electric vehicle-charging stations over the next three years, the single biggest deployment of […]


    New Tech Could Boost EV Range

    Researchers may have figured out a way to keep batteries from draining when not in use, while also setting them for faster recharge times. The patent-pending tech uses a thin plastic membrane to prevent battery discharge by controlling how charge flows within a battery. Developed by Ohio State engineers, the so-called “smart” membrane was inspired […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Citroën CXperience Plug-in Hybrid Concept Breaks Cover Before Paris Auto Show

    Citroën is showing a glimpse of its CXperience plug-in hybrid ahead of the official unveiling at this year’s Paris auto show. In terms of function, the stunning 19.5 foot-long Citroën CXperience concept falls somewhere between a large sedan and a station wagon, without being either. The roof is low, just 55 inches, which makes the […]

    Bosch Water Injection Designed to Cut Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions

    German automotive supplier Bosch says it’s the first and only supplier to offer water injection to reduce vehicle fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Bosch’s new WaterBoost system is geared to drivers accelerating quickly or driving on highways, where the additional injected water reduces fuel consumption up to 13 percent. The higher compression ratio in the […]

    Google and Waze Taking On Uber and Lyft With Carpool Test in San Francisco

    Google is launching a carpooling service in San Francisco that could take business away from ride-hailing leaders Uber and Lyft. Since May, Google has been testing out a carpool service using the Waze navigation mobile app for commuters to share rides to work, reports the Wall Street Journal. The system connects Waze riders with drivers […]

    General Motors Announces China Electrification ‘Roadmap’

    During an event last week at its technical center in Shanghai, General Motors summarized the company’s near term electrification plans for the Chinese market. According to Executive Director of Electrification, Larry Nitz, GM is accelerating the launch of electrified vehicles – called “new energy vehicles” (NEVs) in China. The company intends to build a local […]

    Samsung SDI Opening Battery Plant in Hungary to Tap Into Growing European Market

    Samsung SDI will building a battery plant in Hungary to supply plug-in electrified vehicles. The company’s Samsung’s battery division will be investing about 400 billion won ($358 million) to tap into the European PEV market after its presence China has been disappointing, according to Automotive News. Samsung SDI said in a statement that the proposed […]

    Mitsubishi Will Be Adding Eight More Vehicles to MPG Misreporting Scandal

    Mitsubishi Motors was ordered Tuesday by the Japanese transport ministry to stop domestic sales of eight more vehicle models due to cheating on fuel economy reporting, according to a Fortune report. Investigation into fuel economy on models including the Pajero, Outlander, and RVR SUVs were lower than stated in marketing catalogs, the ministry reported. That […]