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    2018 Nissan Leaf Spy Photos Reveal Much More Detail

    New spy photos of the 2018 Nissan Leaf indicate that prior reports that it would appear more “mainstream” have been fulfilled. Shot at a test track, with heavy camouflage masking removed, hints of the 2015 IDS concept can be seen, and gone are quirky design cues of the first generation. No interior shots were provided […]


    Tesla Talking About Opening Supercharger Network to Other Automakers

    Tesla is looking at sharing its Supercharger network with other automakers. The news comes directly from its CTO, JB Straubel. It’s not the first time that sharing the Supercharger network has been floated. CEO Elon Musk mentioned previous discussions back in 2015. But nothing ever came of it. At the time, there were only a […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Panasonic Wants To Go Mass Market With Solar Cells On Electric Car Roofs

    Panasonic is ready to take the lead offering solar panels embedded into mass-produced electric car roofs. The Japanese electronics giant started this move in February partnering with Toyota by adding its 180-watt array of solar cells into the roof of new Prius Prime plug-in hybrids. Battery range is increased through this passive technology that Prius […]

    Nissan’s 2018 Leaf Is On Its Way Toward A Self-Driving Future – Video

    The next-generation 2018 Nissan Leaf won’t only offer as much as double the range of the present 107-mile version, it will also come with the basis for autonomous driving. This latter bit was revealed by the Japanese automaker’s latest teaser – not an underexposed photo, but a video highlighting its Pro Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system. […]

    Ford Testing Escape Plug-in Hybrid

    Ford has been seen testing an Escape plug-in hybrid believed to be coming in the next year or two. The “Escape Energi” builds on lessons learned from a prior generation of experimental plug-in Escapes, and no doubt merges tech from its current plug-in Fusion and C-Max. Tech details are otherwise absent, but without citing a […]

    Toyota Introduces Prius C Variant For Japan For Light Off-Road Duty

    Toyota has introduced a mild off-road variant of the Prius c for Japan – but it doesn’t seem as though it will arrive in North America. The tougher Prius c, which is called the Aqua in Japan, is distinguished by a different grille, plastic body cladding, roof rails, a cosmetic front skid plate and different […]

    More Tesla Model 3 Photos Hit Reddit

    The Tesla Model 3 should be launching this summer, and more photos of the car have hit the Internet. Reddit user youyouxue snapped a whole bunch of photos when he or she encountered the car, being driven by a Tesla engineer who was taking the car home for the night. SEE ALSO: Tesla Model 3 […]

    Audi E-Tron Sportback to Begin Production in 2019

    The second e-Tron model in Audi’s growing line of electric vehicles will be built at the brand’s Brussels factory, starting in 2019. “With the decision on the Audi e-tron Sportback, we are showing that Audi takes the issue of electric mobility seriously,” said Dr. Hubert Waltl, head of logistics. “A second battery-electric model will lead […]