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    Sooner Than Some Think, Lyft Will Launch GM’s First Autonomous Electric Car

    General Motors will offer its first autonomous EV through its affiliated ride-sharing partner, Lyft, and things are coming together on an accelerated pace. In January this year, GM announced it invested $500 million in Lyft and it has made Pam Fletcher, its former executive chief engineer for electric vehicles, its new executive chief engineer of […]

    General Motors

    GM CEO Mary Barra Talks To WIRED About Future Mobility and Chevy Bolt EV

    Chevrolet’s first 200-mile range EV, the 2017 Bolt, is due later this year, and GM chief Mary Barra says this is a portent of more electrification to come. In a half-hour video interview with WIRED Executive Editor Scott Dadich, Barra outlines her view. The interview is good enough that General Motors posted it to its […]


    Hyundai Getting Ready for 250-Mile Range EV by 2020

    Hyundai Motor Co. says it will be going full-speed ahead in its plug-in electrified vehicle rollout to increase range and compete with upstart Chinese rivals. Hyundai sees the technology changing so fast that it will have to roll out new EVs on a two-year cadence, boosting the current 110-mile range to around 250 miles per […]

    Hybrid Car News

    2017 Nissan Leaf Could Get 140-Mile Range

    Rumors are circulating that the Nissan Leaf is about to get a range extension, thanks to a 40-kWh battery. If true, come November Leaf buyers will be able to buy the car in three trims, with the base model having a 30-kWh battery, and the mid- and top-trims will get the 40-kWh battery. The 24-kWh […]

    Musk’s Master Plan Misses the Mark on Tesla Profitability, Investors Say

    Tesla’s support from analysts and Wall Street investors appears to have passed through the honeymoon phase, as witnessed by responses to CEO Elon Musk’s “Master Plan, Part Deux.” Auto analysts and Wall Street investors, many of them friendly to Tesla’s leader in the past, responded largely with skepticism to Musk’s announcement released on Wednesday evening. […]

    Daimler CEO Says It Will Accelerate Plans For Plug-in Vehicles

    Daimler is poised to accelerate its plug-in electrified vehicle lineup as the segment gains share and competition increases from Tesla and Audi, CEO Dieter Zetsche says. Zetsche shared insights with analysts on Thursday during a call on second-quarter results. His remarks come as rivals Tesla Motors and Audi prepare their own push to ramp up […]

    Volvo Targets 2021 For Self-Driving Car

    It looks like 2021 could be a benchmark year for Volvo as it says it will join BMW in having self-driving cars on the road in five years. The Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker will begin testing vehicles with advanced self-driving features next year in Gothenburg, Sweden, London and China. Eventually, 100 test cars will be on […]

    Pink Handgun, Stolen Prius: Cops Catch Him

    In a case of reality nearly imitating art, a Florida man armed with a pink handgun attempted to evade police in a stolen Toyota Prius, but the police had little trouble apprehending the perpetrator when he crashed attempting a high-speed escape. Perhaps if 19-year-old Jean Sugri had the new better handling 2016 Prius, as Toyota […]

    White House Announces Up To $4.5B in EV Infrastructure And ‘Unprecedented’ Public/Private Market Growth Plan

    Yesterday the Obama administration announced “an unprecedented set of actions” to grow the U.S. plug-in electrified vehicle market. The initiative represents a broad collaboration between federal agencies, state governments, major automakers, utilities, and others to aid the ongoing push to make electric cars viable alternatives to the internal combustion variety. Perhaps chief in a laundry […]