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    All Teslas Now Will Come With Full Self-Driving Hardware

    Promising safety “substantially greater than that of a human driver,” today Tesla announced all its cars will come equipped with fully autonomous capable hardware. The hardware is aimed at ultimately permitting these cars to drive without any intervention from a human driver, comprehensively enough controlled, CEO Elon Musk has previously said, for one to go […]


    Tesla Proposes Doubling Fremont Plant to Meet Capacity

    Tesla Motors has filed for a zoning proposal allowing the automaker to double in size its California factory to meet a 500,000 vehicle annual production goal. Tesla submitted a long-term zoning proposal that was released in a government document, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The manufacturing plant, based in Fremont, Calif., dates back […]


    EPA Proposes New Tactic for Adding Ethanol Blends at Fueling Stations

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking a different tactic to increasing ethanol blends available at fueling stations. A new EPA proposal would reclassify ethanol blends above E15 as “ethanol flex fuels,” potentially opening the door to wider use of these blends, according to Hemmings Motor News and reported by Green Car Reports. The proposal […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Tesla Preparing for Cross Country Road Trip Using Fully Autonomous System

    Tesla Motors is planning to demonstrate a Tesla vehicle traveling cross country in fully autonomous mode by the end of next year. During a conference call with reporters late Wednesday announcing the fully autonomous capable hardware, CEO Elon Musk said his goal is to demonstrate a vehicle traveling in fully autonomous mode from Los Angeles […]

    China’s LeEco Autonomous Car US Debut Didn’t Come Off as Planned

    Chinese technology company LeEco’s planned U.S. introduction of its LeSee Pro self-driving car in San Francisco yesterday didn’t go exactly as intended. Instead of the car making its way down a long runway through a cloud, LeEco founder, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, came running through the mist and told the gathered media throng his LeSee […]

    Hybrid SUV Introduced By New Chinese Brand Could Be Headed to US

    Chinese automaker Geely has officially introduced its new brand, Lynk & Co. The company, which also owns Volvo, says that Lynk & Co will focus on connectivity, launching with an open API, sharing services and the first dedicated app store for cars. To preview what Lynk & Co intends to bring to market, the brand […]

    China Gives CH-Auto Technology Permit to Build EVs, Roadster Due 2017

    The Chinese government has issued a permit to automotive design contractor CH-Auto Technology to build 50,000 electric vehicles per year, the third startup automaker to gain approval under a new licensing system. Under a plan to switch from conventional powered vehicles to battery electric cars, China has opened up production to non-automakers, including technology companies,with […]